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[fic] Shimmering Blue (prologue + chapter 1)

Title: Shimmering Blue
Pairing: Jaemin (main)
Genre: AU, supernatural/fantasy/non-human, angst, romance
Warning: underage-went-wrong, WTFs, minor torture/violence
Rating: PG-NC-17/R
Until some springs ago he still enjoyed being enveloped by the current or leaping from one rock to another without asking things, until a special kind of creature came to distract his joyous lifetime

A/N: I need someone to come to me and slap me hard to stop writing (preferably Changmin)


“You are the eternal, The Little One. Most of your kind goes for the Afterlife while only few stumbled in the Otherworld –this, still world, only with graying dimension of time and space.”

A low voice reverberated through the swishing sounds of wind colliding leaves, the same wind slinked into the stream surface that loomed underneath; the ripples distracted a bunch of Pixies from their lazy moment of cradling into an afternoon nap.

The owner of that voice was a symbol of wisdom, worshipped and respected; some called him Sir, some called him the Wise One, but nothing he wanted to be addressed with but using his generic name, the Oak Tree.

“Aren’t you tired of repeating that line, Sir? So many Little Ones had come and go and querying the same thing and none of them could understand that antiquated answer…”
A tiny existence interrupted; light, bluish, flapping her transparent wings.

A pixy was always a pixy. She talked a lot, played a lot and laughed a lot. He knew them very well.

“That answer is the only answer.” The low voice concluded.

The same pixy, the tiniest one inside her group, only yawned as she plopped herself back onto her bed of floating leaf, “Just wait and you’ll understand, Little One. Wise words aren’t very negotiable.”

The Little One frowned, with his nonexistent eyebrows and nonexistent skin, “But sixty two autumns have passed and I still don’t understand…” he answered, tenor almost blended with the whirling breeze.

A silence emerged momentarily before the stream surface coughed into vigorous splashes as all Pixies abruptly arose from their slumber with loud cackles.

“He counts it!! He counts it!! He really counts it!! He really counts it!!”

“Mihihihihihihi… hihihi… mihihihihi….”

Yeah, yeah, The Little One had been perfectly accustomed with such response. After all they were Pixies. Water Pixies, the naughtiest from their kind.

During two hundreds forty eight seasons, The Little One had learned many things; he knew that The Oak Tree had been there for the longest time -creatures came to him for an answer, and be more bewildered, only to come for the second time, third time and forth time. The Willow Tree, a bit more silent, white and nodded a lot. Creatures came to him to be healed, to straighten the crease between their eyebrows, to be able to sleep without worrying about their constant hair-fall problem.

Pixies were always pixies, such creatures that giggle with ‘mihihihihihihi’.

He learned about their kinds more than about himself, a doubtable existence. For as long as he remembered, he had been bonded to the stream, steamed by summer and frozen by winter, witnessing how trout and catfish laid their eggs or lived their short lives before the wolves had them between their teeth.

Was he allowed to term himself as one of the water spirits, but then he wasn’t a Nyx, nor an Ondine or Kelphie.

The Pixies would sigh towards the question, frowned, scratched their head, grunted, twirled around, wagged their bottoms, and after all those cacophony the best answer they could give was “The Little Ones could be anything.“

“It doesn’t matter, even though you were a trout, snail or even mud worm… now you’re the Little One.” The consolation didn’t help at all. Confusion only increased, and day by day (though unlike him, the others didn’t count days) a new question was added to the old one, building up a mountain of restlessness.

“How do I look?”, “Where is my kind?”, “Why am I here?”, plus maybe a hundred of questions started with “Who”.

The answers he got were as follows: “You shimmer”, “In the Afterlife or the other Otherworld.”, “We also want to know about that”, plus a hundred names of beings from moth to Birch fairy.

Little did he know how Pixies talked behind his nonexistent back (who talked was yet to be investigated since Pixies were all looked similar):

“He acts like them, you know? Counting times, fretting about names and shapes, not satisfied about things, curious and asks a lot… could it be he was one of them?”

“Who knows? The Fox also count times, fretting about names and shapes, not satisfied about things and curious.”

“But Foxes don’t ask things because they already know everything.”

“Mihihihihi, unlike them, for such limited and short-lived creature they are the most complicated and sinful.”

“’Most’? You’re trying to say that they’re lower than the Fox!?”

“No no no no no, Fox is the lowest, low, low Fox, beware of them and their fishy smell, mihihihihihihi…”

Unfortunately he didn’t count how many seasons had passed since he started to question things. Some springs ago he still enjoyed being enveloped by the current or leaping from one rock to another without asking things, until a special kind of creature came to distract his joyous lifetime.

The Pure Boy, so they called him. The Little One had perfectly known how uneasy the water creature felt towards such entity that is Human, if loathe was an overstatement, for a reason that he couldn’t’ get. However, their smiles would bloom whenever the Pure Boy’s footsteps echoed beautifully throughout the grass and stones, a sign of his pale, wax-colored little feet that leaped lightly, coming near. A lithe body wrapped in white and jolly, innocent gleaming eyes implied a purest of the soul, tenderly he’d hum:

Under the water, we splish splash splish splash, go to the faraway, faraway, faraway land…

And he would sit by the stream side, water soaking his legs up to an inch below his knees, and would kick both of his legs alternately in such manner that the Pixies were invited to dangle on his toe.

“He comes again! He comes again!” The Pixies would cheer, while the Oak Tree stayed silent and The Little One felt a peace down its nonexistent chest.

While batting his eyelashes the Pure Boy would observe every trout swimming nearby, trying to catch one of them only to squeal gleefully at the sensation of its slimy body on his palm, and put it back to the water. The best thing that could happen was, if the Pure Boy decided to dip his entire body into the clear water and hummed the splish splash tune while fooling around with either puckered lips or an ear-to-ear smile.

He was such a dear, his existence was a blessing, and it was due to him that the Little One began to question his own existence. Because unlike the Pixies, he couldn’t touch the wax-colored little feet with a nonexistent hand, not to mention lying inside his palm like a trout. The feel of the Boy’s warm skin was almost an imagination (inside his nonexistent brain), a wishful thinking that couldn’t be proved. And the Little One started to regret it, so much, that he could do nothing but shimmer.

Chapter 1

“Yunho Hyung! Come here!” the pile of dried leaves covering the ground produced crunches as a pair of impatient shoes ran over it. The owner of those shoes was a boy, full of spirit inside his petite body despite was wrapped in a thin piece of T-shirt.

Right in front of them was a line of stream as clear as glass, stones and fishes splattered inside were visible through the fallen leaves floating on the surface. Its current was calm, steady, gracioso if to be described with musical term.

“Ah… I know this place. I played here once or twice when I was a kid. How did you found this?” Another boy, about six years older, caught up to the earlier. He duck under some tree branches that jutted out from various sides only to have dried leaves nestled on his hair, “This is too far from your house, Jaejoong.”

The response was a playful sullen, “Under the water, we splish splash splish splash…”

“Hmph… “ Yunho bit his lips, “What kind of song it that?”

“I don’t know, just comes out from my mouth whenever I’m here.”

“You’re here often?”

“Uh-uh. There’s a lot of trout and bass here. Sometimes I brought them home.” Jaejoong squatted next to the line of rocks framing the stream sides and began to take off his shoes, while Yunho kicked his flip flop aside and checked the water by dipping a foot till his ankle level.

“Whoa, so nice… makes me want to jump inside.” He winced and started rolling his pants up. “How’s the deepest part?”

Jaejoong shook his head, “Not really deep. Around my waist…. Try it.” Seems like he shouldn’t have answered for it made his Hyung glared an interrogating look, “You swam in this kind of place alone? It’s dangerous…”

The boy sighed with both hands on the waist, “Not swim, I can’t swim. You asked me yet you scold me for answering…” He dropped himself onto the ground, smile rose upon seeing how Yunho tried to dip his leg deeper way too awkwardly.

“Just take off your clothes and splash, Hyung! What are you waiting for?” The boy giggled, “You make me want to push you…”

“See? You’re always an evil child.” Yunho refrained from trying the stream and sat right beside his dongsaeng instead. The latter immediately took Yunho’s hand and rested it onto his thigh, holding the hand inside his owns. He loved the older guy’s hands, so big and rough compared to his small ones. Rubbing the back of the hand and grasping the callous fingers, comparing the size of their palm, had become a hobby for Jaejoong. An addictive one at that.

“Why should you leave?” He looked up to the older guy, eyes hopeful. “Stay?”

“College life is waiting, Jaejoongie… I do want to stay here with you.”

Jaejoong played with the end of his trousers, rolled it up a bit only to roll it down again. “College life will be very busy, right.”

“Yeah, I guess so. But don’t worry, every holiday I will definitely visit you.” An arm was brought around Jaejoong’s waist.

They shifted closer to each other as the younger rested his head on Yunho’s shoulder, stroking his broad back gently while closing his eyes and curling a peaceful smile. The forest was quite, too quite that they could only hear each other’s breath. With limited senses not at all could they hear the ruckus caused by a crowd of Pixies just below them, like hungry fishes waited for their share of leftovers:

“Aanngg…. He’s not reaching out his legs….”

“It’s because of that big guy… Pure Boy doesn’t want his legs to be seen… by any other human…”

“I want to swing with his toe…”

As usual, the Oak Tree voiced nothing to comment everything displayed before him, for as the oldest he might have seen something like this for hundreds of time, maybe more.

“How nice… being a human.” A smooth tenor muttered. The Pixies were too busy bawling about the Pure Boy’s legs they wanted inside the water (they shamelessly chanted, legslegslegslegslegs) to hear that statement, while the Oak Tree sighed, with a way that would be seen as quivering leaves and letting out a rush of cool air. “I know you’d say that sooner or later.” He said.

“Can’t you make me?”
the Little One insisted. His nonexistent eyes switched from the pair of human child to the wiser creature, “I know you have more miracles under your root.”

“Just don’t let the fox hear that wish of yours, you’ll be in a big trouble.”


The answer was, again, a moment of silence before the short “You’ve been asking too much.”

It wasn’t the first time the Little One got that as an answer, and he began to think that probably the Oak Tree wasn’t as knowledgeable as the rumor said. So he continued observing the Pure Boy and the big guy next to him while registering the beautiful name into his nonexistent head – Jaejoong, Jaejoong, Jaejoong, even his name was lovely. It was the first time someone revealed that name. Still, the name he gave him previously had already marked his heart.

“So… you’ll be a college guy.” Satisfied with the comfort, Jaejoong slid his head from Yunho’s shoulder and let go of the bigger hand. He drifted his gaze away to the grove of bushes across the stream, “Bring a pretty Noona the next time we meet.”

Yunho snickered and shook his head, “Nope, no can do. I won’t be able to keep her from your claw, little Casanova. How can I beat these lips? Girls will go crazy for your kiss.” He touched the plump lower lip lightly with his fingertip, causing Jaejoong to jerk his head away, face crimson.

“Hyung, that’s so eew!” He scratched his lips while trying to flatten the happy curl on them. “After this you’ll have a farewell party, right?”


“Can I join you and your friends? I want to know your friends…” the little fingers were now poking his Hyung’s arm.

“Hmm… I don’t think so. There’ll be high school kids. There might be some alcohol though it’s illegal.”

“So what? It’s not like I’m interested to try it. I won’t report it to your grandma either if you drink soju.” Jaejoong pursed his lips as Yunho attempted to spoil him by stroking his head, knowing the younger boy was weak to such treatment. Then he paused for a moment, seemingly wanted to say something but immediately forgot about it as drops of water fell on his nose bridge.

“Ah… it’s raining.” Yunho commented, tilting his chin up to the sky. “Sun shines though it’s raining isn’t a good thing. Let’s go home.” He tugged Jaejoong’s hand.

The younger guy only stuck himself firmer onto the ground, “What? We’re just arrived… I want to see a rainbow! Don’t tell me you believe that myth about fox celebrates a wedding at this time and if we saw them they would eat us.”

“Well I don’t believe it, but my grandma does and if she knows I don’t bring you home-“

“Come on Hyung… you know elderly…” Jaejoong pouted, swaying Yunho’s hands persuasively. “See, the fox is there… he’s not in a wedding. Even kids won’t believe that stupid myth nowadays.”

Yunho stirred his eyes to the spot Jaejoong pointed across the stream, only to find nothing but rocks and bushes. “Fox? Where?”


“I don’t see any fox.”

Jaejoong scowled, “You’re trying to scare me. I’m not a kid.”

“Hmph.. you’re a kid, Joongie. Come on.” Yunho grabbed Jaejoong by the wrist and tugged him a bit firmer than the previous, leaving the latter no choice but to obediently walk beside his Hyung with sullen face.



For as long as he remembered, he had been bonded to the stream. No memories he had about a life (if it could be considered ‘life’) other than that. Figuring the cryptic messages of the currents, hearing the news brought by the wind or simply had a lazy day with fishes and Pixies had become his lifestyle, something that had been accepted sincerely without question, until the Pure Boy came.

“There was a reason…”
the Willow Tree said among his grandiose whiteness, “…why you’re bonded to this place. Normally your kind wouldn’t. No one knows or needs to know the reason. You’re a clump of pureness now, but when you start to have a concrete existence it’d be a whole lot different matter.”

A Pixy sighed, rolling her eyes and again yawned, “What he’s trying to say is that when you have a human body you won’t be as you are now.”

“Why?” the Little One asked, again with the overboard curiosity.

“Human are different. They decayed fast, whether it’s the body or the mind. Their bodies have needs, made them prone to hunger, greed and lust. They’re short-lived therefore they fight each other to compete, to get as much as they can within their short lives.”

The explanation was long, yet none of the words made a way to the Little One’s understanding. “But I also have needs… I need to see the Pure Boy… I need to touch him… I want to be with him and do more than just wishing for him to come…” He argued.

“Little One, in a blink of eye the Pure Boy won’t be the same as what you see now. He’s a human. Soon he won’t be so pure, he’ll lose the beauty. I hate to say this but you need to know that. You just don’t need to witness that painful thing right in front of your nose.”

My nonexistent nose,
it added silently. “Just… for a short moment. I just want to try a human body just for a short moment... just so I can touch him and speak to him…” desperate tenor wavered before it turned into a long weep.

It was when everything got silenced by the heart-wrenching weep that a hoarse voice startled the party,

“Excuse me, why don’t you guys just tell him about us? We can lend a hand…”

A reddish-brown, four-legged creature made his appearance, ear-pointed and eyes narrow and cunning, drawn in a haggard face full of mischief. He bent by the stream side and jabbed his claw into the water surface only to disrupt the steady current, roaring a snigger of “khkhkhkhkh”

The crowd of Pixies dismissed tumultuously, “Fox! Fox! Beware of the fox!” they swam in a speed of flash to hide behind the scattered stones and water plants, some of them trembled and some of them showed blatant distaste towards the newcomer by puffing their cheeks.

“I respectfully ask you to leave.”
The Oak Tree echoed a warning with an ever-so low voice.

Wagging his thick tail in a threateningly slow pace, as if million needles were hidden under it, the fox feigned a face begging for compassion, “Come on, how could you let me thirst to death? I’m just asking for few drops of water…to moist my exhausted throat…” He jutted out his pointy tongue to the water to have some gulps in an indecent slurping noise while squinting to a certain shimmery spot below him, smirking wider.

“You said earlier you can lend me a hand?”

“Little One, don’t listen to him!” a wind Pixy yelled.

The fox only blinked in annoyance and wagged his tail faster.“Too bad, dude. Your companions don’t seem to like me very much… for their convenient I think it’s better to leave this place, so we can talk in private. How ‘bout that?”

“I can’t leave this place, I’m bonded here.”

“Says who? Only the low-skilled creatures make you believe that. In fact they just want you here to suffer together with them and their boring life. You can be free…”

With that, the fox snapped his long black nails. The Little One felt his surrounding got thin and painful before he felt a sensation as light as feather, as if bubbles accumulated inside his nonexistent stomach and lift him up against the gravity, confronting the air.

The next thing it realized, somehow, it was inside the fox’s claws.

“I will bring you to your Pure Boy.” The fox smirked, showing a fish bone stuck between his teeth.

The Little One could no longer hear the Pixies begging him not to leave; his excitement exceeded any kind of fear about the consequence he didn’t even want to think about. As the fox brought him away he realized that being drowned inside the wind was sweet and carefree, even the weird song the fox was singing in off-tune keys sounded as good as a fairy rhyme:

“Loooooooveee is a many splendorous thiiiinngggs~~”

Ever since sixty one springs ago never once the Little One felt that alive. Finally they halted in a stone cave, dark and grey. The fox put the little shimmery pureness onto a stone and sniggered another ‘khkhkhkhkh’ before he said, “Bet you can’t believe what just happened.”

“H-how could you do that!?
” the tone was almost a shriek.

“Well, that’s the reason why everybody hates us. We’re the fox, our knowledge and skills are… not so limited, if infinite is too much… khkhkhkhkh. We master human knowledge as much as we master magic and general truths....”

“Then… then… you can make me…?”

“Hmmm hmmm khkhkhkhkhkh. You might want to see something like this first….” The fox again snapped his nails, and in a blink of eye he turned into a human. A fashionable one.

The human they just saw on that very same day.

“T-t-the big guy?? He came with the Pure Boy today!” the Little One froze. Soon he noticed something as a certain scent came to tickle his nonexistent nose. “But… the smell is…”

“Tsk, yeah, the smell is still that of a fox. But you know what? Human couldn’t know… their senses are limited…” He turned into a fox again, still covering his mouth and shaking his head in a suspicious laughter. “But I can’t make you like that, only fox can do something like that…. But oh, you might be interested in something like this…”

He disappeared to the cave and soon returned with a kind of black box with size about twice of his palm. The Little One couldn’t really get what the fox was actually doing when he poked his nails repeatedly against the box, causing a sound came from it:

Beep……. Beep…. Beep…..

“What is that?” The Little One asked, clueless.

The fox didn’t answer. Then a voice they recognized very well came out from the box, “Hello?”

“It’s the Pure Boy!!” the Little One cheered joyously. “It’s him! It’s him!! He’s there??”

Fox’s reply towards such enthusiasm was only a wink before he talked to the box, “Hello? May I speak to Daniel?"

“He’s not Da-Daniel, he’s Jae.. jae.. Jaejoong!!”

The box answered, “Oh, I’m sorry… I think you’ve got a wrong number…”

“Jaejoong!! Jaejoong!!”

“Hmm… my bad then. Sorry.” Fox quickly pressed a button and the sound went off, leaving the Little One in disappointment. As if it wasn’t enough, the fox added, “There’s no use to scream like that, dude. He couldn’t hear you, you only hurt my ear.”

“But why? He could hear you… eh but what is that? Why is he there? What if he-”

“Calm down, dude, calm down. This is a thing invented by human. Your Pure Boy is safe and sound in his nest, but you can speak to him through this thing from long distance…. only if you pay regularly.” Fox smiled proudly.

“Uhm… I still don’t understand….”

“Khkhkhkhkh that’s what I said about a fox’s limitless ability… we understand while you guys don’t. We can also choose whether to make us visible or not visible, audible or not audible to Human…. We can switch dimension just that easily…”

The Little One only shimmered in astonishment, “Really!? That’s… that’s so nice…”

“But believe me… this will be the nicest….khkhkhkh…”

Just as he thought the transformation and the magic box were shocking enough, the fox nails made another snap, and this time it was the most shocking, apparently.

A human body, the same one as what he saw earlier but unconscious, was dragged to the cave by six smaller foxes emerged from the bushes.

“W-what have you done to the big—“

“Relax…” The fox cut his line. “This human named Yunho here, he’s currently unconscious due to a goodness named alcohol, believe us we fox love that too but that aside. The point is, now is a very good chance to…. say, borrow his body.” the mischief eyes were narrowed.

The Little One couldn’t lie to himself that the idea made him jump in excitement, no matter how wrong it seemed.

“You want to meet the Pure Boy, right? You know you’ll need a human body to touch him or speak to him…” another persuasion made by the fox, while the other being was too naïve to think about any ulterior motive.

“Please… let me borrow his body…”

“As you wish….khkhkhkhkh.” Again, the fox snapped his nails. Then the Little One felt that suffocating sensation for the second time.

Everything went black.

The next time he regained vision, it was still the same cave, same bushes and the same fox grinning with the same fish bone stuck between his teeth. It’s him who wasn’t the same.

A chest, body, arms, legs and face.

He touched the chest, a tremendous feeling to have something beating there, sending thrill all over the body. He stared at a pair of arms and a pair of legs in astonishment; he savored every cubic of air that went in and out his lungs, how the body hair erected, how the borrowed body shivered in euphoria.

He touched the face. It’s warm. He caressed the guy’s cotton jacket and pants, the cold buttons and belt, sensing every degree of temperature difference. The wetness inside his mouth. The murmurs inside blood vessels.

It’s a life at its realest.

It was a foreign feeling, but weirdly, at the same time he swore he once recognized that feeling.

“You know what? He’s one cool dude. Throw him to a pool of human female… oh or fox female, cut my ears if he returns with clothes on….khkhkhkhkh”

“I… am…?”

It’s a voice. A voice that sounded real. Although, he must admit, the difference compared to his usual tenor startled him a bit. After all it’s not his vocal cord.

“You’re ‘Yunho’, temporary. You don’t have much time. As soon as my spell wear off the real resident of that body will kick you aside, so if you want to meet your Pure Boy you better hurry.”



It had been almost a year since Jaejoong moved to the countryside, miles away from Seoul. His parent weren’t getting along too well, and with ‘A kid shouldn’t witness his parent’s throwing daggers at each other’s face’ as a reason, he ended up being casted away only with a maid to look after him, a little irresponsible one at that (too bad the parents didn’t know), for a time being.

Fortunately Jaejoong wasn’t the type that nagged for attention; as much as the memories of his father threw a chair at his mother and vice versa horrified him, he chose to wait and pray, trying to be grateful at the fact that his parents still occasionally pay a visit (though separated) to bring a lot of games and clothes. They sent him and his maid money, more than enough.

New friends in village school and their simple lifestyle also distracted him from the previous riot in the city, and most importantly a tall, handsome and charismatic Hyung named Jung Yunho in his neighborhood. Too bad, Yunho would leave soon. The thought filled Jaejoong’s little head with anxiety every night; he had been counting days to Yunho’s departure, and time sure flew faster than he imagined.

As Yunho’s last day in the village came near, Jaejoong had decided to make as many memories as he could no matter what. His love was unrequited, he knew, but he didn’t care.

The sun was almost settled when Jaejoong was about to fetch Yunho during his farewell party. At one side he was worried that the guy might become too wasted to mind his own safety, while at the other side he knew a boy at his age would only invite danger when going out at such hour. It was a country side, after all. Life almost ended after dawn.

Finished dressing, he proceeded to the door. His heart jumped when he saw someone he had been thinking of was standing by his door, looking a bit tired and messy, but still as stunning as ever according to the boy’s adoring eyes. Dirt soiled the arms of his blue cotton jacket.

There was something foreign inside his eyes that Jaejoong couldn’t immediately comprehend.

“Yunho Hyung… ?”

The guy who supposed to bear that name only stared back at him and glued to the ground, eyes widened.

“I’m about to go to your place. Dahae Nuna won’t be here tonight, so I... by the way why are you so- oh well, come in…” Jaejoong decided to cancel a comment about how dirty the guy was and pulled him by his wrist before closing the door.

The skin contact, the wax-colored little hand, how smooth and warm it felt even just against a borrowed palm, it was enchanting. It was something ‘Yunho’ were willing to pay with anything.

Jaejoong. Jaejoong. Jaejoong.
He tried to call the name.


There was something different with the way this ‘Yunho’ spoke the name, but the younger guy didn’t even notice it as he was pounced by an overwhelming hug.


“I… I always want to do this…”

Jaejoong chuckled louder than naturally at the voice that's softer than usual, only to hide the sound of heartbeat punching his ribcage. “Hyung… what are you talking about, you can hug me just anytime…”

“I love you…”


‘Yunho’ held him tighter, exhaling the juncture of his neck and shoulder in hunger, and muttered another ‘I love you’. The borrowed fingers ran through the boy’s silky hair, over and over -it was too silky that the fingers seemed to slip again and again.

“B-but H-hyung what do you mean by--ouch”


With Jaejoong’s height only reached the taller guy’s chest, his frail body was easily bended back inside ‘Yunho’’s arms as the latter kept weighing him, showering instinctive sniffs. Jaejoong groggily circled his arms around ‘Yunho’’s neck in order not to fall down and ‘Yunho’ immediately used that chance to nuzzle the boy’s exposed upper arms.

I’ve been waiting for this for too long…

No ill intention, no hidden motive and definitely no logic. He just wanted a contact he had been craving.

Jaejoong’s breath hitched when ‘Yunho’ nose slid closer to his armpit. No longer able to resist the abrupt temptation, he kissed the older guy.

The sensation of the tiny, wet, tender surface on his lips caused ‘Yunho’ to pull away in surprise.

He didn’t hate it, but it was something he never thought about, stupidly didn’t see it coming, it was something he didn’t quite understand.

Is it similar to wolves or rabbits licking each other’s mouth?

“Why…?” Jaejoong's tone was more like demanding than asking, just before his small mouth suckled on ‘Yunho’s lower lip as if it was a fancy dessert.

Driven by the control of his human body, ‘Yunho’s respond was more than eager. He let the smaller tongue caressed the inside of his mouth and took control of his alertness, replying the courtesy by mimicking exactly what Jaejoong did to him.

Jaejoong pulled away soon with breath running rampant, as he was inexperienced in such suffocating activity.

“Is it true…? You love me?” he tugged ‘Yunho’’s jacket and seated him onto the nearby sofa.

'Yunho' nodded, couldn't hide the look of adoration.

“Say it again…”

The short-minded being in human skin quickly answered “I love you…”, and pulled Jaejoong into his lap, settled the boy’s legs around his waist, hips against hips. He hugged him and rubbed his cheeks with his owns, and without any preamble he had never learned, pulling one side of Jaejoong’s pants up to reveal his calf.

The wax-colored leg he had always adored. He brought his face to it and nuzzled against it.

Jaejoong gasped in every treatment but he didn’t object, instead wanting more, while ‘Yunho’ felt something grew between his legs.

He was amazed at how good it felt when Jaejoong’s little hand stroked that bulging part.

“I… I know something like this, Hyung… I’ve seen it in… in movies, and in my dream…” Jaejoong admitted shyly, eyes fixed to Yunho’s groin he was rubbing with a trembling hand.

‘Yunho’ replied hesitantly, “… dream?”

“In… in that dream, we were naked and… touching each other…” he unbuckled the pants, slowly and a bit struggling, until a hard member jumped free to ‘Yunho’s belly. His face turned miserably crimson at the sight. “I want my first to be you, Hyung… I love you…”

‘Yunho’ didn’t really understand it but surely he was willing to do anything to give the adolescent whatever he wanted. His body response and instinct, however, was totally beyond his understanding.

His heart pounded faster when Jaejoong pulled his T-shirt over his head, revealing more wax-colored skin; so small, pure, stainless. He was drowned into the pureness, though a bit animalistic at that. He licked the small body, sucking, biting, kissing, as the boy elicited quiet yelps, mouth parted, eyelids fluttered. The being was short-minded, too eager and way too naïve to realize what he was actually doing to the boy he claimed as pure. He had never learned anything about human rules or things about not crossing their lines, only pleasure led him.

He didn’t even remember what his companions had said about human body, couldn’t really relate it with the heat that build up inside his lower stomach whenever Jaejoong’s moans pierced his ear.

“You’re so beautiful, you’re perfect…” it was his earnest words, he had always thought like that all along and not because he had Jaejoong blushed and trembled under him with his small mouth sucking his cock.



Everything happened in a blink of eye, just a second before he still had Jaejoong’s seducing scent all over his sense, and now the disgusting smell of the foxes took over.

It wasn’t Jaejoong’s white skin and his pinkish cheeks in front of him. It was a group of fox, laughing their asses off, some exploded in it while rolling around over the ground, as if they had just watched a really awful comedy.

“Oh my fucking God…” one of them shouted.

Something smelled fishy. And it wasn’t because they were eating catfishes.

“He really did it! He got a headjob, dude!!”

“Khekhekhekhekhe, too bad the spell wore-off too soon… or else we could see him dry humping an eleven years old human…!!”

The Little One, who had returned to the feeling of being bleak and empty, was still dazed in the pleasure he just felt with a human body. “What… is this…!?” He protested, as soon as the realization of being mocked by a group of retarded looking mammals hit him.

The Fox from before took him inside his claws, and with eyebrows furrowed in fake pity he said, “Now, now, dude. Ironically your Pure Boy isn’t really so pure…. In fact, he’s one adventurous kid with high libido, khkhkhkhkh hehehehehehkhehehe….”

“W-what are you talking about…!? My Pure Boy is pure!!”

“Your Pure Boy is not pure, dude… you stole his purity… you ruined his purity… it was your fault… khkhkhkh…”

Struck by the statement, the Little One then learned, slowly, what a terrible mistake he had done.

[to be continued]
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  • [pdf] scut hamsters

    as usual, in case anybody want this: [SCUT HAMSTERS.PDF]

  • [fic] Baila Baila Baila (prologue)

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