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[fic] Scut Hamsters (final chapter)

Title: Scut Hamsters
Pairing: Jaemin, Jaechun
Rating: PG-13 to R
Warning: Jaemin overload for this chapter
Summary: Just another campus life story


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Anyway... finally we get to the next chapter... and it's the longest chapter I've ever written. (around 8500 words or so) teehehehe enjoy! xD

Final Chapter

Every time I tried to recall that day, the best I could get was only the blurry rearview of brown jackets and shoes that were tapping too fast for my eyes to catch. People clumped and got heated in bizarre jokes -the foreign glossary I had never heard, and as much as I wanted to mingle, I didn’t know how. The glasses weren’t really accommodating my bad eyesight; someone stepped on it earlier and totally crushed the lens. I regretted for not bringing my contacts.

Less sociable students seemed to have a good time with their parents, but none of mine could be there in that admittance ceremony. My mother had to go somewhere to send some pack of pears while my father had to be in heaven, so there I left shrinking on my seat with normal vision field weren’t further than one and a half meter in radius.

To make it worse, wall blocked my right while two seats on my left were empty, assigned for two people that hadn’t came even after the first speech began to be heard from the podium. Simply put, I could see no one but myself. My really, really starving self. I had bought something earlier, but then someone grim-faced patted my shoulder and said, “Sorry. No food allowed.”, and took my rice balls.

It was around the third speech (yes, they had so many speeches, too bad I don’t remember who talked about what) that someone finally occupied the previously empty seat.

He smelled like strawberry… cheesecake.

….because he was eating one.

“Uhm… they said you can’t eat here…” I tried to warn him.

The guy only glanced at me for less than a second and answered, “Shh… here you go.” He fed me a spoonful. I captured the gift immediately -half because he shoved it just like that, in the way that it would bumped my face if I refused to part my mouth.

And I was hungry, yeah, shamefully.

I wondered, did city people normally share spoon like that? I thought they were more… individual and hygienic.

“Uhm… you like strawberry cheesecake, don't you.” I tried to start a chat, a lame one at that, hoping that the pale guy could be my first friend. After all I could only see him around.

But then he was too busy with both the cheesecake and a kind of gadget in his hand to even look at me, “As long as it cheesecake. Here.”

He fed me another spoonful and continued to play with his gadget.

“Why are you feeding me?” I asked incredulously.

“Your tummy is grumbl- oh shi..! Ugh here eat the rest.” The plastic box of cake was trusted into my hand before he gave full concentration in the game; eyebrows furrowed, lips gaped, thumbs jerking in quick pace.

It was when I turned uneasy that a lady whispered from beside him, “Jaejoong-ah, turn your gameboy off, it’s not polite…”

I thought a kind of guy like him would just ignore such advice, but then he followed it without complain. He put the gadget into his pocket and never again checked the thing until the ceremony ended.

And also, never again talk to me. Because he fell asleep.

But maybe since he was the only one I could see clearly at  that time, I ended up observing him to the itsy bitsy detail. The nice shape of his eyes, how they switched from cold and total ignorant to pure loving whenever he talked to his mother; his lips, how he nibbled the lower part, stuck out his tongue and occasionally bit his thumb; how he covered his mouth when he laughed, and the freakishly pale skin –by the end of the ceremony, I realized I had been sitting next to a doll-faced all along.

I never realized what had I gotten into, but it was quite shocking to know that he didn’t remember me at all the next day.

He hadn’t remembered me even after we got in the same class in our first year, when we sat next to each other in the cafeteria. He didn’t notice me even after I took the book he dropped, or when I allowed him to take the last coconut cheesecake he loved.

Because it was Park Yoochun in his eyes, for like… everything. The rest were ignored.

They fought a lot at first, even involving fists, but in no time they were glued and inseparable for the reason no one could ever know.

It didn’t take a long time for many (though a bit too many) people to dislike him, and it was quite understandable. He was cold and ignorant, he spit venom, he didn’t do chit-chats. He always came late; he slept in the class (or Yoochun Hyung’s lap), he bumped people and didn’t apologize, he rarely smiled unless it was to insult. To make it worse, he always got excellent grades and his father was all over the newspaper.

Such a perfect despicable person.

I didn’t care about it, or so I had thought at first. It was just a habit to observe him since that was the first activity I did (and with new glasses the activity could be resumed), so I really didn’t remember since when the observation began to be too intense.

No one noticed the flash of sadness across his face when people looked at him with such unfriendly stare. They didn’t notice how he sighs, almost seemed like regret, when he had just spit those words of venom. And just like a threatened cat, he became sharper, as if the malice were built up as his claw.

I believed if it wasn’t because of the jealousy factor, people wouldn’t dislike him to that extent.

“Are you falling in love or what?”, my roommate said, when he caught me watching Jaejoong Hyung from afar with a stupid grin. He, just like most of the students, disliked Jaejoong Hyung, “He’d just ignore you, that kid hated everyone but Park Yoochun. Or try to talk to him, after ten seconds you’d have this urge to punch his face.”

How I wished I could just approach him and talked, but the invisible barrier was too high for me. He was cold, too cold that my goose bumped and my chest hurt whenever he was near -even when I thought of him.

I couldn't decide whether I was creepy or naïve, because when I watched him talked and smiled to the cat Fuwa, or how he giggled to Yoochun Hyung with such blatant adoration and gentleness, I wished that I was there. I wished he could smile to me that way, and talked to me that way, and touched me that way. How he took care of Yoochun Hyung when he collapsed in the middle of the class on our second year, was when I really saw his side that no one had ever noticed.

To me he was like a coconut, you need an extra hard work to crack the hard shell, till you can find the pure white and delicate content inside. I couldn’t find a better metaphor, but yeah. It was funny that he coincidentally loved coconut cheesecake.

I wanted to feel that special side of him. That illogical obsession only became worse every each day. Years passed and I barely aware of it.

When someone other than Yoochun Hyung finally got a chance to be his roommate, I came to the dorm keeper and asked it to be me. My former roommate told me I was crazy, but I couldn’t help it.

I couldn’t see him as much as before due to the department rotation and it was torturing, so I took the risk.

It was… terrible, at first. But as days passed, as I gradually got what I wanted –his gentleness, and supposed to be satisfied with only that, my feeling only became deeper, more complicated and more suffocating. I tried so many times, to let it out with words, but they clogged my throat and wouldn’t come out. In the end the ungrateful side of me emerged, and……..

“Changmin-oppa, you’ve been staring at that window non-stop.”

The distraction comes in a pair of round eyes staring at me from below, owned by a little girl with chubby cheek who’s sitting before me with arms crossed on the table. Beside her is the mother, also chuckles at her daughter’s protest.

Lately I've been thinking about him.

“Your mind is somewhere else while Eunhae is here.” The five years old girl pouts, breaking my musing.

The little girl and her mother, they always come here whenever they need a doctor. As a fresh graduate my position isn’t respected that highly compared to the more experienced practitioners in this same hospital, but somehow Eunhae and her mother only wants to come to me. The mother said, once, that Eunhae adores me very much.

So I rub her cheek and give her the best smile I have, “I’m sorry, Eunhae-ah… Oppa will give this to your mother. Take your medicine and be a good girl, okay?” I hand the prescription to her mother who receives it with a polite nod.

“Eunhae-ah, don’t just call him Oppa. It’s Dr.Shim, okay? Dr.Shim.” She tugs Eunhae’s hand.

“What? Changmin-oppa is Eunhae’s future husband so Eunhae can call him Oppa.”

“Okay, okay, now Dr.Shim is busy, let’s go home?”

“Oppa will marry Eunhae, right? Oppa don’t have a girlfriend now, right?” She shoots me with hopeful eyes. This is not the first time she asks that, but it always makes me laugh, the way she asks about it.

The girl is obese by the way, so it’s really a funny sight.

“Kid… your Changmin Oppa has a girlfriend and she’s really evil, so you better be careful.”

Our attention is switched to the pale, fashionably-clothed figure that emerges by the door. I don’t even realize since when he opened it, he always so sneaky like that.

He is like a savior to Eunhae’s mother, since the lady uses the chance to get her daughter hurried, “See? Dr.Shim is busy. Come on Eunhae, say bye-bye to Dr.Shim….”

“Bye-bye Eunhae-ah, be a good girl…” I wave and mouth ‘Thank you’ to the lady, while she lifts Eunhae away. The little girl squeezes her own face sulkily.

“Whoa, nice guy always get surrounded by bitchy kids, that’s just the way this world works.” The newcomer mutters while closing the door.

Jaejoong Hyung, my boyfriend. A photographer.

And he spits venom, that’s just the way he is.

Eh......... but why’s he here??

“What…? You can at least hug me.” He crosses his arms upon seeing me bewildered.

“Oh... H-hyung!! Why are you here!?” I get up from my seat and rush to give him a hug, a really stiff one with three pats on the back.

His body response, on the contrary, so naturally as if he melts into my shoulders, “Hmm…” He purrs.

“…How’s Italy…?”

“Nice.” He slides his face and sniffs my neck. It's ticklish.

“Hyung, uhm… I’ve been here since morning, I smell like sweat and-“

“Yeah, so manly…” A peck is planted on my cheek. I gulp.

The last time we met was around three months ago, I guess. Now he becomes slimmer, his bangs get longer. And he gets paler, if it’s even possible.

While he was abroad for works many things has changed in my side. Between us, however, not much things have changed. None of us ever stated that certain word to each other, where in most cases such word is an obligation.

“You could’ve told me you’re back today.”I ruffle his hair while having a difficulty to stay still since he keeps sniffing my neck.

“You could’ve told me you miss me.” He retorts. I giggle.

“Hyung… what’s wrong with you…”

“I demand sweet talks! You wouldn’t have imagined how those Italiano talk to their lovers!” He explodes, scratching my cheeks and shake me forcefully. “Anyway, that was your last patient right.”


“Good. Now show me your apartment. I bring my car.” He slides the doctor suit down my shoulders, hangs it on his own shoulder and goes straight to the door ahead of me. I hastily gather my things all over the room, shoving them into my bag and jogs after him.

It’s been almost three years. Keeping up with his pace and mood swings has become a comfortable habit.



The apartment I just got is located not so far from the hospital where I work. I can’t return to my hometown yet, considering that I still have to earn money whether it’s to support my family, pursue my dream or continue my study.

“Oh…. small but nice. The price is good I think.” He comments as soon as we get into my one-room apartment. With cheap price, what I get is a small living room with a table and comfortable couch (really comfortable, so fluffy and big almost like a bed), side by side with a small kitchen counter and a bedroom with a nice shower room.

“Do you want your drink cold or hot, Hyung?” I dwell in the kitchen counter as he drops himself onto the couch. I hear him purrs and mumbles ‘hot’.

“Uwaaahh!! It’s so comfy here!!” He yells happily. From the first time I saw this place, I knew he’s going to love that couch.

I walk towards him with two cups of tea and sit on the floor (because he spread all of his limbs and dominating the couch).
Seeing me with the drink, he gets up to sit properly, takes the cup with both hands and blows on the steamy tea.

The way he does it sends a tingle to the pit of my stomach. He's adorable.

“Show me your works.” I pat his knee, shifting a bit to be next to his legs. 

He lets out an ‘Aish’ as an answer and palms his face, “I left them in the car! I really wanted to show you!”

"Oh... too bad..."

"Yeah... you should know, I met the Latin version of Yunho in Italy. I've captured the picture for you to see."


"Yeah, and he was a sweet-talker."

I chuckle and slurp the tea. "You dated him?"


"Ah, that's nice..."

His laughter explodes suddenly as he runs his fingers through my hair, "You really believed that??" 

I groan and put my cup aside to lean the side of my head against his knee, and only respond to his extended giggle with a little pinch on his toe.

Then he tells me many things, from people he met at his workplace to his family, even his old friends. I like to listen to him, ever since we were still together as roommates until now. Sometimes he asked whether I really listened to him, since I couldn't respond actively. But truthfully, I can re-narrate every details, from the cat Fuwa (who's now has become a good friend of his mother) to all of his friends that are now studying abroad.

He never said it directly, but I know he's really lonely. Those important people are far away, and he keeps saying that he's proud of Yoochun Hyung, proud of Junsu (but not proud of Yunho Hyung, because Yunho Hyung is together with Yoochun Hyung in Japan now and Jaejoong Hyung said he'd loathe emperor Yeti for life because of that -it was a lie, I know)  

I also know, he only said that to console his lonely self. Actually he just wanted them to come back -he has this fear of departure a bit more than most people.

“Hyung… I’m so proud of you.” The words just come out as I lean my head deeper towards his knee.

“Hmm… I’m not the one who graduated with magna cum laude…”  He strokes my head. “Good boy, good boy.”

His hands feel so nice. Even his knee.

My eyes gradually turn heavy, I think I can sleep right at the moment.

“Anyway, what porn do you watch lately?”


“W-w-what??” A spoon I'm holding slips. I don't know what kind of face I make but he chuckles and reaches out to pinch my cheek.

“Porn. Come on, you’re a man, you’re sexually active. And we can’t meet everyday.” Looking from that grin and how he licks his lips, I know he’s planning on something. “Unless you’re with someone else—“

“I’m not!” I cut his line quickly. Is he trying to test me? But he’s not that kind of guy; he knows perfectly how loyal and pathetic I am. Just a while ago I felt so peaceful and almost slept, why out of the blue...?

“Okay, okay. Let’s go straight to the point. Do you masturbate?” He asks nonchalantly.

I gulp.

“S-Sometimes…” Still I admit. It’s normal, right?

He bites his inner cheek, trying to suppress another grin. “Hmm. Do you use porn or imagi—“

“Hyung, what are you trying to say?”

“I want to know whether you prefer fantasizing me or watching porn to masturbate when you’re sexually deprived.” He asks with face expressionless, right before he slurps his tea and put the cup aside. 

Is it my fault that that slurps sounds indecent?

Anyway, what was he just asked?

………oh. That. Right.

“Uhm… I prefer…” Come on, be casual, he’s my boyfriend for God sake. “…the first one.”

Covering his mouth, he pats a spot next to him on the couch. “Sit here.”

I do as he told rather cautiously, only to have my legs lifted and settled along the couch, so he can have them on either side of him as he leans his back against my chest. At first I stiffen as his head sends a tingle to my breast bone, but after a while it feels nice. I relax, wrap my arms around him and pull him closer till my lips touch his hair.

His hair still feels like silk, even though it’s dyed frequently. If I were to sleep in this position while sniffing this strawberry scent, and not coming back to life as the consequence, I’d be glad to.

“Tell me, how do you fantasize about me?”

……..but of course, he wouldn’t let me die that comfortably would he.

Seriously, he really asks that. “Y-you mean, like…?”

His body shakes a bit from fighting back a chuckle before he slides up until his head reaches the same level as mine.

“Did you imagine me naked? Or still with my clothes hanging unbuttoned?”


“Just answer. From now on don’t say anything but an answer.”


“Was I loud or quiet?”

“…I-I don’t know… j-just like you usually, what is that…?”

He pauses to think and let out a long ‘hmm’ while nodding. Then he asks again, “In what position did we do it?”

“Hyung, please!”

“Shhh, you know that behaving like that won’t stop me, right?” He smirks and closes my eyelids with his palm. “Don’t look at my face and just answer. Doggy style? Missionary?”

“What is that..?”

There’s an ‘mmph’ before a short moment of silence and finally the bloody explanation, “Was I on all fours with you doing me from behind or me riding you or me lying on my back with you—“

I smother him to stop the embarrassing details.

With hand still covering his mouth and face as hot as newly burned kettle, I mutter against his shoulder, “Y-you’re under me, lying on your back.”

“Did I say something? Or just moaning?” He mumbles from behind my palm.

“…Hyung you really can talk about this and stay calm, can you.”

“Don’t try to change the subject. Answer.”

“Uh… you know… just like you usually…”

I feel his smile roses. “I forget. Tell me.” Soon his breath pierces my ear, moist lips on my earlobe. I shiver, exhale and close my eyes. Surely he notices the front of my pants pokes his back.

“You… moan, a lot, but not too loud … a-almost just breathy sounds, high pitched, and… hissing, and…” I plant my face onto his shoulder to hide my miserable face from his sight.

“Do you like it…?”

Oh God.

“… so much, you’re so…. I like it…”

Maybe there’s something wrong with the answer, I don’t know, but he exhales and squirms.

Then his lips meet my temple, leave with a smacking sound, and go down, almost meet my cheek –almost, because I greet them with my lips instead. I’m about to deepen the kiss but he pulls away, leaving me half-dazed.

Nails scratch my chest lightly. I don’t know how he do it but I just notice that half of my buttons are undone already. My quicken heartbeats are visible from the patch of skin that thumps up and down between my pecs. He sees it and chuckles.

Often I wonder, has he ever felt as nervous as me? Or I’m just too pathetic to be a man?

“Changmin-ah, tell me. What’s your wildest fantasy?” his index finger draws circles around the thumping spot. “You have it, right?”

“Uh…” I look away to avoid his teasing grin. What’s with him today… and how can I answer when we’re glued together like this…

“The one you told me was how we usually did it right. What’s something we never did, the unusual, but you really want it?” He asks. Now his hand slides down even further to my lower abdomen. “The forced sex with me tied up?”

“N-No!” How can I do that to him when that son of a bitch Siwon had probably done such thing to him!? It must have left a trauma…

“Really?” He sighs, sounding playful. “Too bad, I’d love you to tie me up and fuck me like an animal…”

Okay, I should admit the mental image rather turns me on, but that’ll hurt him, right? Ugh but then he likes it, he likes me to bite him or pull his hair or... anyway, what has happened on earth, we don’t usually talk about this thing, I mean… we do it, but we don’t talk about it… not in this bloody detail…

Jaejoong Hyung, tied up, Jaejoong Hyung, tied up, screaming, Jaejoong Hyung, tied up, screaming, me forcing my…w-w-w w-w-wait Oh God Oh God no no no no I’m not the same creature as Siwon.

“Or…” Luckily breaking my inappropriate thought, he continues to guess. “Costumes?”

I shake my head. “No…” His casual clothes are better than those freaky ones in videos.

“Using toys? Do it in groups?“

“NO!!” There’s no way I’d share him with toys, let alone another guy!

“Oh I forget, you always want me for yourself, don’t you…” He smirks smugly and no, he didn’t say that because he can read minds.

“…Quickie in the public place…?” He continues.


“ Gosh, just answer!” he glares, seemingly losing patience.

“Okay, okay.. uh… something outdoor…?” I finally answer.


“I always want us to be together on the boat, in the middle of the sea… under the moonlight.”

Again I don’t know what’s wrong, but he laughs again, louder than before. “Someone still want that old-fashioned honeymoon nowadays, geez Changmin-ah what kind of porn do you watch?” He pokes my nose.

I shrink.

“Furthermore the boat will shake and it’ll be scary! You’re crazy!”

“W-we can do it slowly, or maybe just… just kissing or hugging all night…” I try to reason but he only laughs even boisterously.

“Just hu--? I’m asking you about sexual fa- oh well it’ll be dark, and cold!”

“We can use blanket and l-l-lantern!”

“Gosh, that’s really lame.” He concludes with his own opinion and pauses momentarily with hands still on his tummy, only to snicker again. “Hmm. I have a better idea.”

He walks towards the table not so far from the couch and climbs onto it. “I’m your slave.” He states.

I furrow my eyebrows, “Slave? Slave as in m-master and slave?”

He nods with a wide grin, “So there’s something you know. You should realize that you’re a dominant male, you like authority.”

“E-eh?”  Really? I thought he’s the one who’s always so dominant, not that I mind though…

“You just don’t realize that. Anyway, order me now.”

I don’t know what to do, so I just follow him to the table, hug and kiss him, and about to slip a hand under his shirt. But he immediately pushes me away.

“No no no, I’m the one who’s at your service, and not the other way around. Order me. Use words.” He says.

The corner of his lips curls naughtily as he spreads his legs and begins caressing his inner thigh with one hand.

My throat goes dry. Really dry.

“What do you want me to do, Master? Should I take off my own clothes? Or should I take off yours?”

Oh God.

My mouth hangs agape momentarily before I shake my head and mentally slap self. “T-take of your clothes…” I stutter, eyes narrowed.

He drags a hand from the side of his chest and begins to undo his buttons in a depressingly slow pace, causing my eyes glued to his fingers as if they’re moving according to my mental thought. At the fourth buttons a white cotton undergarment peeks from behind his shirt, and he stops. He raises his eyebrows, as if asking me what to do next.

“Go on…” I whisper. Blood leaves my face.

He continues to undo the rest of the buttons, and slides the shirt pass his shoulder. That part, I always love it. The curves of his shoulders are perfect, and the way they were strained down whenever he took off a buttoned shirt or jacket could make all those porn videos seem cheap and artless.

He’s now, only in sleeveless cotton top, a really tight one. His nipples are imprinted, erected beautifully; one of them has a thing with round shape embossed.

“That’s…” I reach out to touch the thing. It’s a ring. He’s got a nipple pierced. “Can you… take off the top?”

He does as I told, again with that gorgeous way, revealing bare chest as white as wax, adorned with two, pink colored nubs.
The silver ring dangles on the right one, gleaming. I like it.

Curious, I flick the nipple ring, carefully. He hisses as his eyes dazed. “Is that hurt?” I ask.


My gaze is fixed to his nipples while I encourage myself to utter the next order, “T-touch it…”

I thought he’s going to laugh but then he obediently does my order, even takes one of my hands and stirs my fingers to have fun with the pink nub. He squeezes and pinches the other one with no ring, his breaths run faster as he does.

Shuddered exhale leaves my lung.

He’s too beautiful.

“U-undo your pants… t-touch yourself…”

I can’t believe I just said that.

He smiles victoriously and let one hand neglects the nipple to descend, along his side, slipping along the band of his jeans and unhook the buckle in one flick. He tugs the skin-colored brief down, letting a beautiful thing pops out from underneath, glistened. A hand starts stroking it while the other hand is now pressing mine against his cheek.

Using my hand to caress his face while his own satisfies his erection, he gives me a hard choice.

Which one should I leave from sight, his beautiful, doll-like face with eyes shouting seduction or the slick, pinkish, fiery hardness that bounces and pulsates inside his own control?

How my eyes dart in no shame between the two mesmerizing sights, how I sweat and gap so savagely, that’s what he observes and enjoys, because then he can no longer suppress his moans. He inserts my finger into his mouth, slides it in and out, twirling his tongue over it as his eyelashes flutter.

My mind goes blank, next time I know I already bend over towards the table with him under me, our bodies pressed together and mouths locked as his legs wrapped around my waist.

I skid an arm under his head, to cushion him from the hard table surface. I always love how he receives my kiss –so accepting, so encouraging, like casting away the hesitation off of me. There will always be a part where his hand presses the back of my head, as if the zero distance hasn’t enough.

“You’re being shy again…” he speaks on my lips, smiling. “I want you more, come on, open your mouth wider…”


A rush of pleasure barges into my throat when I do as he told. Tongues clash, lips being nibbled in scorching intensity. I move to the crook of his neck and leave trails of kisses, chanting the word of love in every kiss, though just inside my chest and not spoken.

“Nnh… min… you really suck at roleplay… no master treats the slave this gentle…”


“It’s okay… I like it… now take off your clothes, not fair.”

I chuckle and straighten up to toss away the disturbance. He also gets up, and spreads his arms like an angel, beckoning me to come into his embrace. I immediately do; it feels so perfect when our skin and every sculpture of our muscles mold.

We kiss again before I drag my tongue down, across his collarbone, to suckle the lovely nipple. It’s small, cute and hard, feels funny between my lips. He moans again as his legs around my waist tighten, pressing me deeper to the heated body as his hands running rampant over my back.

“Hyung… it’ll be hurt lying here.”

“It’s with you… it never hurts. Unless that one time, you know when…” he leans forward and nudges my forehead with his.

We almost never talk about that day when he left from the dorm, but whenever I recall it the sky feels like falling down… while he could laugh in amusement about how he couldn’t walk properly for three days.

“…do you… like it better if it’s a little hurt?” I ask carefully.

“Do you like hurting me…?”

“Not really…”

“Then no. What I like the most is you treating me however you like…”

Maybe his theory about me liking authority is right, because the pit of my stomach twitches hearing those words.

“….just as much as I like treating you however I like.” He continues.

…But then my stomach also twitches. Oh well…

“God, Changmin-ah… you’re so readable… and adorable.” He pinches my cheek again, for the second time already. Then he slides down from the table and returns to the couch, only to kneel before it. “Sit there.” He commands, jerking his chin towards the couch.

“Hyung, I’m the master remember!” I burst out laughing and sit by his side, to wrap my arms around his waist and lift him a bit. “You sit there. I’ll do it.”

“Master don’t do it, he’ll order his slave to do it for him!” He retorts.

“B-but master can do whatever he wants, right?”

“Nooo the last time you did it, now it’s my turn.”

I giggle as he uses force and tickles to push me into the couch. It’s not that I don’t like his mouth around me, I love it so much, but sometimes I don’t have a heart to lower him like that… I mean, someone as beautiful as him, kneels before me, gags by my thing shoved into his mouth, swallows my liquid… when I do it to him I love his taste and all parts of him, but he…

“I love to do this, seriously…” he cut my thought. Maybe he's indeed can read minds.

I hold my breath when he tugs my pants off and spread my legs, hand rubbing my inner thigh. With me sitting like a King on the throne and him on the floor, his mouth claims my member just easily, causing my hips to squirm and arch, adjusting to the pleasure.

He leaves with a lewd plop, “God, that moves Min… that’s why I love doing this to you…”

“Hyung…” I brush his locks away, unveiling the beautiful face.

Plump lips and pale cheeks redden as he sucks me back in, letting the tip of my shaft clashes with his palate, slides it in and out, squeezing it and drives me crazy with the ‘nnh’ sounds that he elicits whenever his head moves backward. Precome trickled from the corner of his lips.

His hand secures the base and strokes me, slow at first and goes harder, while tongue laps all over my balls. By that time I’ve lost coherent mind, I sound embarrassing, my vision swirls, my head feels heavy but I can’t fall my head back, I don’t want to stop watching him.

Like I said, the sight of his doll-like face dwelling on my nasty crotch, how his eyes sometimes closed, sometimes half-lidded, sometimes glance back at me; I feel so horrible for thinking that it’s beautiful.

“You have gorgeous legs, have I ever told you that?” He throws the trivia suddenly while keep pumping me.

“No… shh… y-you really think so?”

“Yeah… long, lean, just perfect. Hazardous.”

“Hyung, come here…” I extend my legs along the couch, providing myself for a cushion to lie on. He dives into my hug, my legs around him; our naked bodies come in contact again. I immediately capture his mouth, rinsing it from my taste and getting back his real taste at the same time.

My hands coil safely around his waist at first, but as he eagerly attacks my neck they travel down to cup his buttock, down to the back of his thighs, his erection, slides up again to his back, abs, nipples; just quick and instinctive as passion builds up between us.

“Hyung… I…I want-”

“I’ll ride you.”

He always wants to do the preparation by himself, and have me entertaining his other nerves while he does it. We rarely use lube as in real one, only random things like soap, cooking oil, hair gel, whatever come in handy that time. 

“Be prepared. Today will be really special.” He grins and climbs onto my stomach. Well, he’s always special.

Our hands clasp as he sits back, engulfing my shaft into his body, and wiggles his hips in both cutely and naughtily to adjust me towards his sensitive part. I giggle.

“What?” He pouts.

“No… that one was cute.”

“I’m always cute.”

“You’re right.”

Smiles falter into gasps and whimpers as he begins banging himself, satisfying both of our nerves with squeeze and friction.

At first he jumps his hips, hair flings and flesh bounces, then he bends forward and places his arms on my chest while keep slamming the hips onto me.

Breaths collide, moans overlap, as I find myself tightening my arms and banging him back.

“Is it there…?” I ask.

He nods while biting his lower lip, winces with eyes closed, “You really know where it is, don’t you.”

Our bodies slap against each other until they're glued by our sweat -he kisses me; both hands brush my hair backward, kisses my forehead, my nose, and lands on my ear. I grip his hips and slam it harder into mine, to feel his moans on my ear, only to get flinched by the unbearable pleasure I cause myself.

He chuckles and inches closer to get my ear on his lips again. I shamefully mewl as he does.

“Your ears always so excitable…” He sounds a bit mischief.

Then he laps a tongue vigorously on my ear shell, clamping it between his mouth, moaning a hot breath into my hearing as he rams his hips faster and harder.

As if it’s not enough, his fingers squeeze my nipple simultaneously.

“H-Hyung… nnh... please… you’re-“

“Evil? I am.”

He stops moving right before I reach climax, and pulls his hip away in a sudden, causing me to whimper a protest as my body loses the heat.

“Unh… yeah, you’re evil…”

He pinches my nipple and grins wide, “Who takes control in your fantasy?”

Racing with the panting, I admit, “… me…”

“Do it. Do it exactly the same way as in your fantasy.”

If there are times where I should be worry for my fertility, for my balls feel like going to explode, this is one of those times.

“I’m under you, right?” He confirms.


We switch position.

I don’t know which one is worse for my sanity, him on top of me, dominating me mercilessly, or him lying meekly before me, so powerless with arms limp on his sides, eyes shouting harassment?

“I’m all yours.” He states in breathy voice. 

He’s so right about me liking authority.

I shift downward and flex his legs, placing them on either side of my shoulders. I grip one of his ankles and bite the hard protruding bone before dragging my mouth along his calf, and again, bite a patch of skin on his calf, and suck it, a bit longer.

“Min… bite me like that again…”

He even reacts exactly the same way as in my fantasy.

I do as he asked before continue caressing his thigh, further to the pretty sight between his legs. Then I thrust the glistened entrance; it sucks me in, swallowing me deep into the heat.

He squirms, his body tense.

Our moans overlap again, racing faster as we begin pumping each other.

“Nhh… yeah.. there… like that…” He mutters; hands white clutching the couch sheath. “Your sounds never fail to drive me crazy, Changmin-ah…”

I don’t know what sounds he’s talking about, I can only hear his.

His skin goes red and bruised as the friction becomes frantic, he starts losing control, hissing, wincing, gapping and shaking his head, uttering lewd words. I grab his wrists and place his arms above him before circling mine around his torso, sandwiching his body between mine and the couch.

I thrust faster and harder as my mouth relentlessly attacks his nipple, collar bone, chin, ears and just… I don’t know, anything from him. His mouth parts wide, squealing from the back of his throat, tear trickles from the corner of his shut eyelids, veins formed over his neck. Neither of us can say any word anymore. His body around me contract, our moans turn to screams, frantic, and I only ram faster and faster and faster.

I muffle his scream with my mouth when we climax, a priceless sensation to my throat.

My member goes limp inside him as we convulse and jitter, releasing the rest of our essence. We stay glued to each other, even tightening the embrace as we pant for air, regardless the sticky substance between our skins.

“….You….” He adjusts his breathing, “You always kissed me so hard at the last moment! Was I that loud?” He slaps my shoulder and glares while wiping the remaining tears of pleasure from his cheek. “I felt like choked to death!”

I nuzzle deeper and giggle, “I just like it… for that one I like it too much, I don’t care if you don’t like it I will still do it…”

He laughs aloud, probably the loudest for today, and I end up being kissed all over and pinched and hugged like a Teddy Bear. Then he becomes too sleepy to move, and as expected kicks me away to look for a blanket.

I don’t mind at all, because that means I have a right to cuddle him all night.



I wake up in the morning to find myself, still sleeping on the couch with the same blanket, only alone. I jump immediately and look around to find that he's already leaving. Maybe there’s a work he has to do.

But this is Saturday.

But a photographer can be horribly busy at times… I should understand. To tell the truth I still miss him. If physical intimacy is too tiring for him, (though, yeah… shamelessly speaking, I still want to do things like yesterday for several days in a row) then it’ll be okay if we just go somewhere and have a dinner together.

I have my own wage now. I can take him to any restaurant he wants. I can buy him cococheese, not just a slice but a pan. Even two pans.

Well, there’s no use to be ungrateful over things, though.

So I decide to go shower, get dressed, and spend the day with a more useful work, like watching TV. There were some words he said yesterday that I didn’t get; that shouldn’t happen too often otherwise he’ll go bored at my lack of knowledge. I guess that was because I lack TV all along. See, my mother and sister always watched Japanese drama (the ones with sad ending) I hate sad ending so I didn’t watch them, but what could I do against three ferocious females?

I turn on the TV. After a while the boring MV show only gets me even sleepier. I like idol girls, they’re cute, but I can’t distinguish them from one another. More importantly, the last time Jaejoong Hyung found a magazine with a cute idol girl on the cover in my bag, he ripped it. Like, really ripped it and throw them to the trash can. It was one of the few magazines I’ve ever bought, and I bought it because there were pages about food travel guide, but he didn’t believe me (maybe because the said idol girl was wearing an improper piece of top, but was it even my fault?). He said this weird thing about me being a bisexual and that means I equal indecisive bitch.

….. while I never complain about the big poster of topless Rain displayed on his room wall.

Anyway, bored with TV, I decide to clean the room. Begin from my bedroom, arranging the books, mopping the floor, wiping the window –everything, just to distract myself from mentally fussing about him while thinking of what message I should type to show him that I miss him, without being too demanding.

I stop at the couch where we slept last night. And do the, yeah, predictably, shameful thing.

I plant my face to it, sniffing the remaining scent of him…

… until I know better than to be pitiful and decide to make myself a cup noodle instead.



The clock showed 6 pm and I was…. -okay, I admit I was sprawling over that certain couch and doing the sniffs a bit- when he called from a public phone, sounding ruckus.

“Changmin! Where are you!?”
His voice was frantic and unclear across the line.

I jumped from my seat, “Hyung? I’m in my apartment, what happened?”

“Min… y-y-you won’t believe…”

“Where are you!? What happened?

“I was robbed!”

My hands went cold. “… b-but you’re okay, right? You’re not hurt, right?”

“I-I’m okay… but… but… Min, have you ever gone to Busan?”

“Busan…? Once when I was a ki- wait.… a-are you in Busan now?”

“Yeah, I was at work but now I can’t call my colleagues… my cell phone was lost together with my money… I don’t even have an ID card now…”

“Hyung, calm down, I’ll go there, okay?”

“Now? But you don’t know Busan… “

“I can bring map, it’s okay, now can you tell me where you are?”

“I’m in Gimhae airport… you know where Gimhae airport is, right? We were having a photoshoot here…”

“Okay, I see. Do you have books?”


“Books, I’ll go there now but maybe it’ll take a long time, read something to distract yourself, okay?”

“Yeah… I’ll be waiting at the coffee shop with the green logo…” He hung up the phone.

Well… that was what he said, and horribly jolted me to panic by that. However, after I took a shower so quick like a duck, forgot to comb my messy hair, wearing yesterday’s jacket, almost wearing a different pair of flip flops, almost forgot to wear my glasses (until I bumped the door and realized that I couldn’t live without glasses) before finally got into a train and stumbled upon Gimhae airport in Busan few hours later, (it was night, around 9pm or so I guess) and hastily searched for the aforementioned coffee shop (as if it’s easy to match the description of ‘coffee shop with a green logo’) after that, only to find him, grinning.

With his big sling bag on the table.

Looking a bit tired, yes, but grinning, and sitting with a leg crossed over the other.

“Hey, sexy.” He called and winked. “…can’t believe you really come.”

“Hyung, y-y-y-you….!!”

Before I managed to rant any further about the terribly cruel prank, he immediately strode towards me and covered my mouth.
“Now shut up.” He whispered. “Because now people are looking at us and if you say any word…” He took off my glasses.

A piece of folded handkerchief turned my vision dark. I mumbled a ‘Hyung’ behind his palm but he cut my line, “…if you say any word people will report me to the police for abduction, you know? You don’t want me to spend a night in the jail, do you?”

Then I heard him announced, “… Ahjussi, ahjuma, I’m no criminal, okay? This guy is my boyfriend and I’m teasing him that’s all…”

I was grateful I couldn’t see anything –the mumbled whispers of people around was enough to give me an idea of how doomed we were.

“Hyung, what is this…?” I whispered anxiously.

“I’m kidnapping you. I will bring you to a deserted island and fuck you senseless.” He whispered back, voice low and malicious. I couldn’t help but exploded in a laugh.

He leaded me (though, I must say, he sucked at that. He made me bumped things and tripped several times) slowly to his car, and settled me on the passenger’s seat.

My heart pounded in curiosity, but whenever I asked about the plan he replied with different answers, from ‘Actually I’m an alien and I will bring your head to Mars and disembowel your brain’, to ‘We will go the sperm bank because I need a descendant from you ASAP’ till ‘Just shut up and wait or I’ll rape you right here in this car.’

So I haven’t got a clue, until now.

“…kay, we’ve arrived.” He stops the car.

I thought he’s going to untie the blindfold right away, but then he opens the door for me. The cold wind blows my face right away, as he greets both of my hands.

“Where is this…?” I ask and shuffle forward, following his control on my hands.

“….just wait…” He answers. Somehow I can hear him smiling.

I hear the car being control locked with a ‘beep’ sound. He keeps leading me. My feet feel something like rocks and grass but I’m not sure, I’m paying attention more to his hands than my steps (I guess that’s what made me tripped repeatedly earlier)

I finally step on smoother surface than the previous rocky ones.

“Stop.” He says. Then he takes the blindfold away.

Both the night and my bad eyesight make it difficult to interpret the vision as soon as wanted, but after some time to adapt and wearing back my glasses, I can see what’s in front of me.

A vast sea.

We’re standing on the wooden-floored dock; right before us floats a white motorboat with two rows of passenger’s seat, big enough for five or six people.

“I’ve rented that baby for two days! I also get a lantern and blanket with a warmer so don’t worry about cold and dark… though the boat already has lights so the lantern isn’t really necess… oh well but its shape is cute anyway.” He concludes with a proud smile. “Let’s hug and kiss all night.”

I stunned, mouth hanging agape.

“Hyung… this is…”

He scratches his hair, gaze drift far to the sea. “You really don’t remember, do you?”

“…. w-what?”

“Today is our 1000th day anniversary.”

I still don't get it, but my eyes watered.

“B-but… we… I mean… we didn’t…”

“We didn’t celebrate the 100th, 200th and 300th, I know…” He steps closer and takes my hands. “I guess you don’t even know the day.”

I circle my arms around him, “I’m sorry Hyung, but… s-since when… was it the day you left the dorm?” Come to think of it, it was a mess, we didn’t really confess anything.

“... the day we became roommate.” He answers and quickly blurts, “… that I aware of, I mean.”

Something squeezes my chest.

“… you think of that day as our anniversary…?” I ask, hesitated.

He circles his arms around my neck and buries his face onto my shirt, “… the frog… I yelled at him, I called him smelly. I turned his white suit yellow with a basin of undiluted chlorine, and he only smiled, even told me a joke he browsed from internet… that day is really memorable for me.”

I hug him tight, so tight, I want our bodies melt become one if possible.

“Hyung, I… so much, so much that it hurts… you know it, right? I mean… you really really know it, right?”

He buries his face deeper before suddenly shrieks, “Min I can't breathe!!”  and slaps my back. “You silly boy… you always skip that word…”

He releases himself from my hug. I know he’s actually being shy, I just know his body language. “Come on,” He says before turning around and jogs to the motorboat. I walk after him, hurriedly wiping the tears from my eyes. I’m too happy that my head spins.

We settle ourselves inside the boat that actually wider than it looks. Some jackets, socks, knitted gloves, even snacks and drinks, and of course camera, have been stuffed into the seat.

“There. I made that while waiting for you in the coffee shop.” He trusts a hard item into my hand.

The gift is totally random, but again squeezes my chest. It’s a piece of clam shell, the inner part of it is hand-written with that word we always skipped, really small but lots of them, filling the entire surface of the shell.

“What? It’s a kindergarten work, I know. And mushy.” He snaps and pretends to be busy flipping the boat’s manual book. He’s being shy again, isn’t he.

I kiss his cheek, “Thanks.”

The answer I get is a hum and a scrunched nose.

Then the engine starts, causing us to cheer and yell euphorically. I don’t even know how trustable his experience is, but we’re too hyper to care about that as the boat dashes, departing from the dock, leaving loud, rumbling waves and white froth along the way.

The vast sea, hovered by the extravagant night sky, is now pierced by the roaring sounds of our laughter as we fight over the navigating task, tickling and ruffling each other’s hair to try stirring the boat. He ends up smothering me with the blanket, saying that I better shut up since he will kick me straight to the sea if I become too tired to kiss him all night.

But then he knows how long I’ve waited, so there’s no such thing as too tired to kiss him. I’ll prove that.

The end

A/N: Huwaaaaahhhh!!!! I can't believe I've finished this story!! Thank you so much for all your support, guys!! You wouldn't believe how much I love youuuu!!! *HUGS*GO TO CUT LAMB FOR SACRIFICE*

oh, I hope you like the ending though xD

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