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[fic] The reunion (epilogue)

Title: The Reunion
Pairing: Jaemin (main)
Warnings: Lovey dovey
Rating: PG-13 to R
Summary: The two boys were childhood friends, but a reunion was not always that sweet (btw as much as I love school fic, this is not one of them ^^)

A/N: Finally we reach the last part of this story.... ^^ And.... thank you thank you soo soo soooooo much for you guys who have been following this fic from beginning to end, those who comment on every chapter, seriously you have noooo idea how your coments often make me teary TT____TT  *rather sensitive lately*go get a tissue*

Oh, btw I've fixed sooooo many grammar errors and awkward sentences in prologue part, and I'll continue the checking. After I finish and too blunt to find any mistake anymore, I'll upload this in pdf format... (err.. do you think anyone will want it?* ^)

Okay, quit talking, here's the epilogue!!


"You sure this is what you want?"

The young therapist’s gaze was fixated at the tip of his shoe, not looking at the other guy coming towards his direction. He stretched his arms with a low purr and leaned loosely against the bench’s prop.

The park was quiet that late afternoon, as people began to return home.

"I guess. It's not that I can't see how their eyes flicker whenever mentioning each other's name. Just didn't know there's quite a story behind." He let the other guy took a seat next to him.

"But you're okay with this?"

"This is for the best. I need to move on. Making him completely unavailable will assure me that I have no chance."

The other guy snorted. "Oh come on, you always so sure about that. I thought you'll use a cliché of 'If he's happy I'm happy."

"Omo… you're always so cynical, Junsu-yah." Yunho pouted playfully.

Junsu ignored the protest. He was too busy twiddling the ripped jeans on his knee.

"I love both of them, Su.” Yunho continued. “Different love, but still... if it's Changmin I can be at ease. Thanks." He patted Junsu's back.

"I did nothing. It was fate. I had no clue it was Joongie Hyung all along."

"Hmm..." Yunho turned to see the guy next to him and shot an observing gaze into the guy's eyes. "Seems like it’s not me who needs to spill something out."

"I think that’s not a proper method for therapist to begin a counsel."

"You're no longer my client."

Junsu sighed in annoyance while the said therapist giggled teasingly.

"Spill it." Yunho prompted.

It took some seconds and a deep inhale before Junsu finally spoke. "... Joongie Hyung is so lucky.”

Yunho waited, knowing the younger guy would soon continue his sentence.

“Changmin is... well, people might easily label him as messed up teen and such, but..... you know… if you think about it… well, honestly… wait. It’s on the tip of my tongue but won’t come out.” Junsu slapped his own face, hoping it would help him from stumbling in his own words.

"Take your time.”

The petulant guy inhaled again, arranging those words lingering inside his head into coherent line. "He never blames Yoochun. He never reminds me about those horrible things I had done to him. He acts as if I'm not someone who had ruined his life. I mean, with such past, how can someone is so forgiving? How can he never blame, never hold any grudge..."

"That's why you love him."

Junsu didn't answer.

Yunho continued, "Why didn't you let him know?"

"....... How could I ruin everything?"

"..... I understand that."

"It's just... I never knew it’d feel like this, knowing that… he'll never need me anymore. Even a simple thing affects me, like when I came to stock his fridge as usual and it was already full…”

"Junsu-yah... "

“Well, I'm still happy that finally he has someone, the real one, who takes care of him... but… yeah……“

“You just need time… “ Yunho rested a hand on the younger guy’s knee. “I asked Changmin once, why he never had a serious relationship. He said that whenever he dated someone, there was always this ‘angry, possessive, spoiled kid’ who would make his life a living hell. Was that you…?”

Junsu pulled a thin smile; mind was drifting back into their past selves. “This is different. And I truly like Joongie.”

“… but it still hurts?”

“……..I’m a selfish guy, remember…?”

"You're not. You always think for Changmin’s happiness. You let their relationship grew regardless what might happen to yourself-"

Junsu waved a hand in front of Yunho’s face, telling him to stop.

"This kind of talk grows a moss in my head, Yunnie. I'm dizzy."

Yunho chuckled and reached to ruffle Junsu’s hair, but the younger guy duck out.

".... You know what? You're so different from Changmin. Not cute at all."

"Let’s wait until he finds out about us knowing each other and me leaking everything to you. He'll be not so cute as well."

Yunho widened his eyes jokingly, as if saying ‘Oo I’m scared.’ He then looked up to the branch of trees and smiled in relief. "In the end it's Jae who made him stop using drugs.."


"But before him, it’s you who was always there. He wouldn't have made it this far without you, Su… and believe me, he will never stop needing you. You’re the best friend he could ever ask for."

Junsu only glared more, fighting back his watered eyes. ".... I said stop this kind of talk. "

The older guy lifted his hands, defeated. He knew Junsu would never want to show his vulnerable side. Even when he was still in rehab, the counseling was mostly consisted of Yunho being ignored.

"By the way, did you save my number?" Yunho asked suddenly, reaching a cell phone from his pocket.


"Save it."

"Why should I?"

"So you'll know it's me when I call you out for lunch. Or dinner."

The younger guy rolled his eyes but nonetheless did as he was told.


Meanwhile, under the same hue colored sky, two guys were climbing a ladder to reach the rooftop, after a day walking along the street of their childhood town, reminiscing and tracing every memorable spot they had in the past.

They joked over something about being too heavy that the roof might crack, until both of them find nice spots to sit and glad that the joke was proven not true.

“So you’ll stop working at Eriko’s?” asked the younger, feeling kind of dissatisfied with the decision he just heard.

“Yeah… I want to write again. Journalistic is my passion. I’ve told Eriko once and she understands. Well, as long as you’ll back for an eye candy, she said. ”

Changmin stretched his arms and bent his knee closer to his chest. “I see… will be missing you then.” His eyes drifted to the sun settling down from far away.

“Want to move into my apartment?”

“Not until I’m richer than you.”

Jaejoong snorted. “Ego.”

Apparently Changmin didn’t remember much. Throughout the day he had brought the younger guy around the neighborhood; to the playground he used to visit, to the area where he used to live, even to Hwanjoong’s grave. The painter said he remembered better, but from the way his forehead wrinkled, Jaejoong knew the guy only vaguely remembered.

However Changmin kept telling him that he’d remember bits by bits, and Jaejoong kept telling himself that what he had gotten was better than expected.

“Do you remember my Mom?” out of curiosity Jaejoong asked.

Changmin shook his head rather hesitantly. “Not… really sure.”

“Well, she’ll be here soon. She’ll be so excited to see you.” He paused before queried again, “Do you remember what kind of boy you were? I mean… before you went to Busan?”

“Not really… “

“Do you remember our last conversation here?”

Jaejoong immediately blame his curiosity for causing such guilt in Changmin's face.

“… Sorry Hyung… something important, wasn’t it…?” He brushed his forehead against Jaejoong’s shoulder, an apology for failing to answer the expectation. It didn’t bother him how Jaejoong had excessively asked him things he didn’t remember, on the contrary he wanted to hear more of it. He wanted Jaejoong to ask him and told him.

“It’s okay, don’t force yourself."

"Something related to shooting star..."

The older guy smiled. That was enough. "You'll know soon."

“Aside from you and some places related to you, I almost forget everything…”

Jaejoong couldn't help but feeling honored that he was an exceptional. “Tell me, what do you remember about me…?” He surprised that he hadn’t asked that, and didn’t expect Changmin to take his hand and twiddling his fingers while answering.

“Well… you always fussed about homework, wore a hair clip while doing it, sometimes biting your pencil, sometimes propping your head with your left hand and sticking your tongue out while concentrating. You blinked your eyes a lot if the question was difficult, or flipping the pages impatiently, in the end you’d draw animals on your text book and slammed it to the floor, scolding me, ‘Minnie don’t just sit there doing nothing, help me with this shit’ while I couldn’t even read…”

The older guy could only blink.

“You loved honey for your milk tea and hated it when it was hot. You have this pink towel with frog embroideries on the corner, the one you used every morning. You preferred thick pillow. You said my shoes could give you Leper but you washed them for me. You had this blue--”

The narration was cut off by Jaejoong’s eager hug. “Oh Minnie, my Minnie, how could you remember such sim--”

“Love you.”

“.--ple things yet…….I heard that. Say that again.”

Changmin answered the demand by whistling a melody of “I love you” by Yutaka Ozaki, smirking joyously and acted expensive, but those red ears explained otherwise.

“’Okay then, I’ll make you say that again by force.” With hands clinging onto Changmin’s shoulders, he assaulted the younger guy with teasing nibbles all over his neck, causing the latter to spread his limbs in panic to maintain balance.

“Whoa… Hyung, as much as I love kinky sex, rooftop isn’t really a safe place…”

They were about to continue warmth sharing in a more careful way when Jaejoong’s phone vibrated.

“Wait. Maybe it’s my Mom.” He took out his cell phone, clicking it impatiently for a while then hissed. “Shit.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Remember when I splashed you water in my apartment? It got into my phone, and now this thing works really slowly.”


“Should buy a new phone, then…”

“No need, you can use mine.” Changmin advised nonchalantly, crossing his arms over the back of his head and leaned.

“Eh? You don’t need it?”

“No, I mean my other phone, you still keep it right? The one you took from my apartment. Remember?”

The older guy froze.

“Don’t remember? That one time when you took advantage of my vulne—“

“Aaargh!! okay, okay, how can I forget!!?”

The painter chuckled at the reaction, observing the older guy with amused eyes. “Hmmm… so it’s true then…”

“But how do you…!?”

“Just guessing from the way you kiss, your smell and your taste.”

“What are you, a dog!?” Blood probably clotted inside Jaejoong’s face because it felt damn hot.

Changmin slapped Jaejoong’s back, attempting to return his self composure. “Come on Hyung, too late to feel embarrassed now, we’ve done the nastier…”

The attempt only made the guy shrunk smaller, but then sighed regretfully. “And I’ve deleted our precious photo.”

The painter curled a gentle smile. He tilted Jaejoong’s chin and stared at that beautiful face shimmered by sunset ray, and moved closer while taking out a phone from his pocket.

“Well, we can always make a new one.”

A ‘click’ sound was heard as they kissed, but this time none of them stopped.


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