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[fic] Shimmering Blue (chapter 11)

Title: Shimmering Blue
Pairing: Jaemin (main)
Genre: AU, supernatural/fantasy/non-human, angst, romance
Warning: underage-went-wrong, WTFs, minor torture/violence, possible annoying!min, angst and sap
Rating: PG-NC-17 (NC-17 for this chapter)

Until some springs ago he still enjoyed being enveloped by the current or leaping from one rock to another without asking things, until a special kind of creature came to distract his joyous lifetime


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Chapter 11

“Please… don’t touch him! I’ll be here whenever you want, do whatever you want, but please don’t involve him!”

“Easy for you to say… how could I resist it if you keep bringing this to me? It’s like throwing a naked virgin boy to my lap and said, ‘Oh Xiah, please don’t fuck him’. That’s cruel…”

“I won’t, I won’t have his taste anymore… just promise me you won’t touch him…!”

“Can’t promise anything, it's up to you…”


Changmin crossed his arms over his face, inhaling a certain remaining scent. He shifted restlessly on the sofa he was resting on as the soft and fury surface suddenly became uncomfortable.

I kissed him. And he didn’t even ask for it. Idiot.

If he could sense Jaejoong lingered on his skin and lips, then Xiah could as well, even better. Now the only reason he didn’t curse himself out loud is because Yunho was sleeping peacefully beneath the sofa.

So what if he’s here? He doesn’t know anything. Nothing will happen.

Still, there was the anxiety, knowing that they guy whose body he had once used irresponsibly was there, less than fifty centimeters in radius.

Or maybe it was guilt?

But they look good now. That means their relationship is fine. Everything’s alright.

Too many thoughts inside his tired head, Changmin unconsciously sighed.

“You haven’t slept yet?” A voice startled him, continued by the squishing sound of air mattress. Turned out Yunho was still wide awake, and Changmin had no clue since when.

“You haven’t either.”

“Uhm…I drank too much coffee this evening…”

“Oh. Me too.” Lame.

There was another squishy sound as the older guy shifted his position before he asked, “You sure this is okay?”

Changmin raised his eyebrows. “….what?”

“You know… you, sleeping next to a stranger…”

“You’re Jaejoong’s friend, you’re not a stranger.”

There was a time gap before he heard Yunho’s voice softened, “About that… have I mentioned before? I feel like I already know you.”

The anxiety rised and Changmin had this urge to escape but he suppressed it. “…I guess my face is too common then.” He commented flatly.

Yunho chuckled. “I didn’t mean it like that… not particularly your face, it’s just… the feel--”

“You want to switch? It’s less bouncy here.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I love air mattress.”

“Have some Chamomile tea then.”

Without waiting for Yunho’s answer, Changmin got up (more like fleeing the situation) and switched on the lights. He headed to the kitchen bar, moving too fast before Yunho managed to rejected the offer, and so the older guy could only follow him, taking a seat in front of the dining table.

Soon a cup of Chamomile tea was served. The hot water was from the dispenser but Yunho wasn’t picky about a right tea temperature anyway.

“Hope you can sleep with that.” Changmin said and took a seat across Yunho. He quickly regretted it though, thinking that he should just return to the sofa rather than having this man from the past observing his face.

Yunho smiled as the younger guy looked down and played with his nails. “I’m so sorry about this.” He said.

“No problem.”

It was an uncomfortable silence as Yunho slurped his tea. He kept looking at Changmin, waiting for some chit-chatters, but the latter escaped the blatant staring on purpose by paying too much attention to his nails. Finally Yunho asked, “… are you always this quiet?”

Changmin looked up, and before he voiced an answer Yunho continued, “I mean, that’s fine… I just need to make sure that it’s not because you dislike me…”

“Would I sit here and served you tea if I disliked you?”

“Right...then why do you refuse to look at me?”

“…Excuse me?”

“You’ve been avoiding my eyes since we met.”

“… I didn’t realize it. ” Cursing himself mentally for being too obvious, Changmin replied Yunho’s gaze and thinly smiled. “Something’s bothering me… work and stuff. I wasn’t paying much attention to you.” He reasoned.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for that..."

“No no, I’m who’s sorry, it was rude.”

Seeing the other guy scratched his head nervously, Yunho smiled. “You can share, you know. Maybe I can’t help that much, but it’s better than to keep it to yourself.”

“….Thanks. It’s fine now, but thanks for the offer.” Changmin replied, this time while making sure to look Yunho in the eyes.

On the contrary to his manly facial features, Changmin’s voice was relatively gentle and high-pitched, like the sound was coming from somewhere in the upper part of his throat. Together with the timid attitude came a deep, piercing glance, and by the time Yunho realized that he liked it, his mouth was already half-gaped.

“You don’t drink anything?” The older guy immediately remembered to close his mouth and finished the neglected tea.

Changmin shook his head. “….guess I can sleep soon.” With that, he left Yunho and flopped back onto the sofa, hugging a pilow and shut his eyes tight. A moment later he heard the sounds of chair's leg frictioned the floor and footsteps. Then another squishy sound. He assumed Yunho had returned to the air matress, without knowing that the older guy was watching him as he did.

Clock tickled, but the slender guy still failed to sleep until dusk, regardless how persistent he closed his eyelids. It feared him sometimes that lately he needed less and less sleeping time, and even when he slept, he couldn’t really enjoy it.

Carefully, he checked on Yunho again. This time the newcomer was sleeping silently, curling to one side. With light steps of a cat, Changmin slid off from the sofa. The lights were off but it wasn’t too dark around him; he could see the clock pointed at five as he walked. That means all of them should be ready for another day in about three hours.

He stepped into the bathroom, closed the door and quickly undressed himself for the shower. The hot water drenched his body and he only raised the temperature higher until his skin felt like burning. The soap was poured more than necessary and his body was brushed harder than necessary, and the same was done to his hair.

Go away, go away, go away, he chanted. After a while he was assured that Jaejoong was no longer lingered on his skin.
With a pang of regret, (because Changmin actually loves Jaejoong on his skin, in any kind of form) he stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and halted in front of the sink, staring at his own reflection on the mirror.

Fortunately the dark circles weren’t that bad.

Then he did what he hated to, but supposed to do –putting a generous amount of toothpaste onto a toothbrush and brushed his teeth fervently until his gum felt like being ripped, before he gurgled with too much mouthwash, rinsed his mouth, and hatefully repeated the circle again. He just hated it so much that he had to replace Jaejoong with the boring taste of mint.

After that he checked into his sole, heart-pounding in anxiety as he did. Seeing the spiral mark was firm and as black as it should be, he sighed in relief. Hopefully, just hopefully… he wouldn’t need Xiah in the near time, and could avoid the sly being.

Next he noticed the vague black spots littering his chin and the area under his nose, so he filled the sink with water, grabbed a bottle of shaving foam and spread the foam around his mouth and over his jaw.

He dragged a razor knife over the foam-covered area, dipped the razor to the sink, and only began the second drag when Jaejoong barged in, causing him to jump in surprise.

Regardless Changmin’s reaction, Jaejoong smiled cheerfully.

“Baby, you wake up too early…” He commented. Without any preamble, he took a place next to Changmin and emptied the previously filled sink. “I won’t be long.” He grinned, and hummed Korean national anthem as he prepared the toothbrush.

The tanned guy was stunned at first that the sink was sabotaged, but soon he couldn’t help but giggling to see Jaejoong brushing his teeth with joy and spirit of someone going for an Independence Day ceremony (still humming the national anthem). It had been a while since he saw Jaejoong that energetic, and he found himself glued to that scenery.

Realizing that he was being watched, Jaejoong grinned wider until his eyes transformed into thin lines, shamelessly exhibited a mouthful of toothpaste. Then he quickly rinsed his mouth.

"Goof." The word flew out of Changmin's mouth, together with an almost blooming smile.

Jaejoong looked happily taken aback by it. “Since yesterday, you seem to be….” in a good mood, he was about to say, but considering from the grief caused by Momo’s incident, he canceled it.

“To be what…?” Changmin asked, tucking the towel tighter on his side.

“… Uh. I forget what I wanted to say.”

Changmin smiled more, eyes averted down as he filled the sink back with water. “You seem to be in a good mood though.” He said the unspoken and continued shaving.

Jaejoong giggled. “Isn’t that you!?”

Then instead of leaving, he stayed with one hand on the waist and the other propped onto the sink, watching Changmin shaved.

“What?” Changmin raised his eyebrows as the other guy bit a smile.

“Nothing. Hurry up, I want to take a shower.”

“Oh, sure.”

Attempting to do as he was told, Changmin moved the razor hastily and ended up causing a little cut under his lips. He only hissed quietly as a point of blood oozed, on the other hand Jaejoong yelped in surprise and immediately snatched the razor.

“Are you okay?” He examined the wound carefully and grimaced. “Geez, leave this to me.”

There was a faint blush on the tanned cheeks as Jaejoong stepped even closer until the pores on his pale face was visibly clear for the other guy.

“When the hell did you become taller? Jaejoong commented lightly before he began shaving from the lower part of Changmin's jaw. At the moment, his head was at the same level as Changmin’s eyes, which were automatically drawn to Jaejoong’s lips. The shorter guy bit and nibbled his bottom lip as he concentrated on the foam-covered skin, and within such distance, it made Changmin unreasonably restless.

His legs, they had accustomed to walk away so many times, that now they seemingly refused to do it again. Not when Jaejoong was taking care of him with such sparkling eyes; shaving, dipping the razor to the sink, shaving again.

Changmin fell like wanting to gulp a kind of lump inside his throat, but he thought it’d be embarrassingly awkward if he did. He also needed to exhale a long breath, but then he was afraid he’d blow Jaejoong’s face in front of him, and so he held his breath instead. Only when Jaejoong turned to the sink to dip the razor, Changmin could silently exhale.

The shorter guy resumed humming the previously delayed national anthem as he continued shaving the taller, and somehow the tension decreased as he did. Changmin even found himself close to smile.

Shave. Dip. Shave. Dip.

“Moogunghwa sanchulri hwaryu kangsan… “

As soon as the lyric was sung Changmin began to shake, trying hard not to laugh.

“Watch out!” Jaejoong immediately withdrew the razor. “Don’t laugh, you’ll get cut again.”

“Then don’t sing Aegukka in front of my nose…” Changmin mumbled, lips unconsciously curled a smile.

Jaejoong sush-ed him and continued shaving, “Sometimes I want to see you grow moustache—don’t speak.” He withdrew the razor. “Now speak.”


“Of course not. You don’t want to see me bald, do you?”

Changmin shook his head, but honestly he didn’t get the connection.

Soon all foamed area was neatly shaved. The newly groomed guy mumbled a thank you before he rubbed a splash of water over his face. The other answered with a short ‘hmm’ as he emptied the sink from the foamy water.

“The last time I did this to you… when was that?” Jaejoong asked as he cleaned the razor.

“Kangin’s birthday.” The answer came less than a second afterwards.

“Ah, when his birthday request was for us to demonstrate shaving in front of the newly admitted children…. like it necessary, that bastard.”

“Why not? With those children’s background, grooming might be a luxury...”

There was a frown before Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “Oh please. Kangin did that to make fun of us, don’t tell me you didn’t realize it!”

“… where’s the fun?”

“A guy doesn’t shave in the dining room, in front of a birthday cake, with the help of another guy.”

“Well, I thought it was an exception for educational purpose. The children really watched us in awe, you know.

“That’s also the fun. They only interested in the foam. If only you saw how Yeongie-umma shook her head forlornly behind your back… later she smacked Kangin on the head and thanked me for our sacrifice.”

Changmin put a face that said ‘Now I now’ before he protested, “She didn’t say anything to me!”

“Now that I’ve thought about it, probably she knew that you didn’t even realize it was a cruel joke…” Jaejoong snickered. “But seriously, you used to be… a bit slow, and sometimes… too clueless that it’s impossible. I grew up thinking that you came from Neptune.”

Changmin only huffed as he bent down towards the hanging hand towel and used it to wipe his face. “Far and no life?.”

"Exactly. You see, I was a kid with enormous ego, so when you came that day, I really thought that you solely came for me, to be with me…” Jaejoong’s smiled went thin. “… to be mine.”

Heat crept up Changmin’s face and he abruptly straightened up. “… y-you did treat me like a pet dog.”

Jaejoong smirked before he shrugged guiltlessly. “That’s because you acted like one.”

“You went to the extent of calling me with whistle!”Changmin shrieked.

“You still came running!”

“Well of course, you were my god, my everything, I’d even eat stone if you told me to, and-- ”

A palm landed on Changmin's mouth and cut his sentence.

“Too cute, stop it.”

It wasn’t clear what happened next, but the distance between their face would have disappeared, if only Changmin didn’t manage to step backward in time.

But he did.

And Jaejoong only smiled at the reaction.

“Now get out, god wants to take a shower…” He pushed Changmin towards the door and closed it, but Changmin didn’t miss the waver in the seemingly happy tone.

It's like Jaejoong finally got it, that the only way to be with Changmin couldn't be done with romance.

Changmin realized what damage he had caused by his inconsiderate words. 

Disturbed by the pang of pain, he massaged his nose bridge and slowly walked to the bedroom. He rummaged the closet and got dressed lifelessly, barely noticed whether his outfit choices matched or not, or whether it had been ironed or not. After that he walked out of the bedroom.

Yunho was still asleep on the mattress. Not wanting the guest to oversleep there, he placed an alarm clock near him –pointed at seven- before he shoved everything he needed into his pocket and left the apartment, though it was too early. He needed the cold air to freeze his melting brain back.     



“With sector five belongs to our authority, the new branch could be operated immediately, probably before fall. I don’t even know how the hell you managed to kick the former residents out, but your men are truly awesome, Junsu-sshi.” A guy around his 30s dragged his cigarette.

Across him was the co-CEO of the company, Kim Junsu, leaning loosely against his chair with elbows propped on its arms and fingers met in the middle. He looked pleased, but being such a composed guy he was well known of, never he let such emotion surfaced more than necessary.

“Dealing with persistent citizens is their forte. I only hire the best men on their field.” He said, glancing at a small table clock next to him. This Moon Heejun guy in front of him had been talking non-stop for almost thirty minutes, one he considered wasting time.

“This mall is going to be the biggest that Seoul had… I can assure you that those stocks in Cyrus, Inc will be your best decision this year.”

Junsu smirked almost cynically. “Hmm. Just tell me if the indoor ski is ready.”

“You’re really interested in that, aren’t you? Don't worry, I'll make sure to prioritize that place for your satisfaction only!"

Heejun talked some more about their other business project, and only paused when one of his employees knocked the door and entered to hand him a brown paper wrapped box.

“Ah, this is what I've been waiting for. I got this from a business partner, have you tried this?" The sleek-haired guy ripped the gift wrapping and unveiled the wooden box inside.

Junsu's nose scrunched, and there was a brief moment of his eyes narrowing before he asked lowly, “What’s that?”

“A real delicacy. Guess what it is.” Heejun opened the box. Inside it were stacks of chips-like snacks, brownish-grey in color. He flung one piece into his mouth and asked Junsu to do the same.

The co-CEO did, and nonchalantly mentioned the origin of the chips after he munched and swallowed one.

Heejun whistled at the perfect answer. “As expected from a genius, sometimes I wonder if there’s something in this world that you don’t know, Junsu-sshi…” Taking one more piece of chip, he got up and bow. “Enjoy my gift. Now if you excuse me…”

It was ten seconds until Heejun left the room, three seconds for Junsu to hum and tap his fingers onto the table, and ten more seconds to pick a phone.

“Call Minho.” He said to someone over the phone.

The summoned guy arrived not so long after that. He was one of his men that had served him for a quite long time, and despite his real age, Minho's face didn't look older than 18 especially with such smooth, straight, neck-length hairdo.

“Did you call me, Xi... Junsu-sshi?”

The higher level fox leaned deeper against his chair and swirled around, facing Minho with its back. “Have you found him?”

Minho hesitated, but then he confessed, “No, not yet…”

Junsu sighed impatiently. “What takes you so long? Sometimes I wonder if I should just use police dog instead of you… if not going for it myself.” He swirled again and lifted the box Heejun had left open previously. “Try this.” The tone was more like an order.

“What is that?”

“Just try.”

Frowning that the boss suddenly offered him a snack, Minho did as he was told. As soon as he tasted the thing he grimaced, nose scrunched, and with blood leaving his face he ran to the nearest trash can to throw the content of his stomach out.

Xiah only raised one of his eyebrows.

Minho struggled to straighten up. His body shook badly and eyes watered from nausea. His round eyes stared at his boss in horrid and disbelief.

“Xiah-sshi… h-how could you eat our own kind…?”

“And how could you fail to know it beforehand? Another sign that you’ve became useless…" Xiah responded coldly. "Go appraise your blunt sense by finding that human boy. Unlike you, I don’t have that much of a free time…”

“No, you just don’t really want him…”

Xiah’s sharp eyes went even sharper upon hearing the sudden accusation. “Said something?”

“You don’t really want either of them… from the beginning… you just want to make the Little One suffer, right?” Minho continued; voice weak and wavered in fear.

“And why didn’t you sound like a fox, just now?” Xiah left his seat to approach the underling, who seemed to shrink under his threatening presence. “And who the hell are you to mention what I want and what I don’t want?”

“B-because the truth is, the one whom you've really wanted—“

The low level fox hadn’t finished his sentence when Xiah was suddenly in front of him, grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head against the desk lamp. The move was too fast to predict even for a fox’s reflex, and before Minho gasped an air his arms were already extended out far above his head, wrist clutched hard and hips bended over the table. His haggard face met the cold wooden surface as Xiah weighed him from behind, pressing a hard chest against his back.

One of Xiah’s hands then moved back to clutch the hair, and just like a rhythm, slammed the underling’s head over and over to the wooden table, causing painful groans and whimpers. Human would’ve either dead or permanently retarded with such contusion.

"You messy mouthed fly... You're lucky I've stopped your nonsense before it finished..." A tongue trailed along Minho’s neck, between his neck-length, straight hair. He shivered and shook even worse, but remained silent.

“Human. You’ve been with human. Too much.” Xiah concluded as he savored the taste. “… with fox speaks like fox, with human speaks like human…. Low. Low, weak, disgrace."

Anger, dilating veins and heavy breath were all over the nine-tailed fox as he forcefully pulled Minho's pants off and got rid of his own.

"I'll get this lesson done, after that let's discuss if you still worth a living..."



“Let me try this, now I know how to make you come in five minutes!”

Jaejoong’s jaw dropped as his bag slid to the floor. The statement wasn’t what he had expected when the other boy dragged him to the hidden spot behind the tree.

“…have you seen Changmin?”

“Jae! I’m serious, let me prove it…” Not waiting for an approval, Changmin rolled Jaejoong’s shirt up and unbuttoned his school pants.

“Whoa! Wait, wait! …” Jaejoong panicked and hold the boy’s eager hands by the wrists.

“Don’t worry, everyone’s busy preparing for the donator’s visit tomorrow…”

“Yeah I know… but… why so sudden…” There was a silent before Jaejoong gasped, “Don’t tell me you’ve been practicing elsewhere!”

Changmin groaned, almost like a whine. “I didn’t, but I got some… uhm… reliable advices.”

“And whom did you get that advice from?”


“Kangin knows about this…. uhm…. activity!?”

“No-no-no, I just walked on him discussing some porn with the other boys, and so I… asked him things in…general…”


“He seemed to know a lot of things.”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “…………………Right.”

Ignoring the distasteful look, Changmin continued his previously interrupted task, this time he did it while leaning forward and lapped the tip of his tongue around and over Jaejoong’s nipple, pushing a startled moan from the boy.

“K-kangin told you to do that…?”

Changmin nodded. His lower lip shook and he blushed terribly, nevertheless it didn’t stop him. Leaving trail of sucks down Jaejoong’s abs, he got on his knees, pulling the stunned boy’s pants down as he did, revealing desperate bulge pressing from behind the cotton brief. The sight itself was more than enough to arouse him.

Just like what Kangin had told, Changmin forced himself to look up and gazed straight to Jaejoong’s eyes while rubbing the still-covered hard-on. What he found were eyes wet from lust and crimson-colored lips, and without tearing his nervous gaze away, he curled a tongue against the bulge.

In less than a second Jaejoong already crashed an open-mouthed kiss on Changmin and followed him to dwell on the ground, wrapping his legs around Changmin’s hips and hugged the guy eagerly.

“J-jae, not like this, stand up…”

“I can’t… my knees tickles….” Jaejoong said between his muffled laugh.

Changmin wanted to pout but Jaejoong’s breath on his neck prevented him to do more than whimpering and hissing. “W-why are you laughing, that wasn’t…nnh… hot enough?”

“It was hot, too hot…” Jaejoong kissed him again. Laugh, kiss and laugh. Licking his lips like a dog.

“Get off…”Changmin said finally. With so much effort he pushed Jaejoong off till the latter leaned back against the tree with legs spread. He was still hard, a wet spot visible on the tip of his bulge.

Without wasting time Changmin bent over, head directed towards Jaejoong’s crotch, elbows and knees propped on the ground, lithe ass hung in the air. Jaejoong instinctively reached out to grab the buttocks, a bit too firmly that Changmin jolted slightly in surprise. The loose school pants material didn’t give enough protection at all.

“Baby, lie on your stomach.” Jaejoong suggested more comfortable position.

“…ah, you’re right.”

Jaejoong watched in both lust and amusement as Changmin took his cock like there’s no tomorrow, even though the latter couldn’t even keep his teeth from scrapping the tender skin, causing Jaejoong to winch and grimace in discomfort. Still, seeing the usually submissive boy acted that eager was another form of entertainment.

“Baby, your teeth…”


The embarrassing mistake only made Changmin tried harder. This time he slid Jaejoong’s cock deep, trying to have the full length. It only caused him to gag and quickly pulled away.

Jaejoong bit a smile and rubbed the back of Changmin’s neck. “I bet that was one of Kangin’s advices?”

Changmin blushed. “Is that wrong?”

“No, but now I know that Kangin is officially a retard…” Jaejoong concluded that the fat boy didn’t know that deep-throating needed skill.

Not wanting to neglect the begging hard-on for too long, Changmin started stroking it. Apparently he did it better with hand than mouth –so much better, and he didn’t even realize it, but Jaejoong was instantly lost in the raising pleasure, eyes rolled back, thrusting and moaning incoherently. The shorter boy watched him with lips slightly parted, unconsciously used his other free hand to rub his own erection.

“M-min, mouth, please…”

Changmin leaned forward, and lick the tip of Jaejoong’s leaking cock while kept stroking.

“Again…”Jaejoong begged.


“Yes. It’s too dry now.”

The tongue trailed from the base to the tip, passed the slit, around the crown, until all the darkening skin covered in saliva before Changmin closed his lips around the tip and started to move, squeezing and messaging the pulsing cock with his tongue and mouth. The salty precum stung his savory sense and he let it trickled from the corner of his lips, as he concentrated too much on the cock to care for it.

“Am I good…?” Changmin asked, panting and face flushed from both desire and embarrassment.

Jaejoong nodded and blissfully smiled, eyes dazed, before he moaned louder as Changmin paced up the speed of his hand.

“Baby… I’m so close.”

“C-Come in my mouth.”

Jaejoong’s jaw dropped at the bold request. This was only the second time the other guy getting it on, and Jaejoong wouldn’t have guessed that such words could come out of the innocent mouth. “Ugh… did Kangin also tell you that…?” He muttered between moans, racing with orgasm.

“W-well yes, but I also think that… uhm…. ”

The sentence hadn’t even finished when Jaejoong reached his peak, splattering warm liquid onto Changmin’s hand, unlike what he had requested.

“Why didn’t you want to come in my mouth!?”Changmin pouted at the unexpected result.

Jaejoong struggled to adjust his breath first, before he mumbled while milking his limping cock. “Why did you want me to come in your mouth?”

“They said… “ Changmin blushed. The next sentence was a lot lower in volume, “It’s sexy.”

There was a brief silence before Jaejoong exploded in laughter, while Changmin could only shrink.

After a while holding his spastic abs (result from an exaggerated laugh right after a great orgasm), Jaejoong grabbed Changmin’s hand and dabbed a fingertip of cum from his palm. He brought it between Changmin’s lips. “Quickly spit it, okay?”

Changmin slurped the cum and swallowed it instead, though it seemed like he struggled to do it.

“Oh. Fuck.” Jaejoong muttered, eyes wide in disbelief. “Min you really ate that.”

“Kangin said, love-making isn’t complete without swallowing…”

By the next second, the world for Changmin became heavy, wet, loud and beautiful as Jaejoong attacked him with kisses, tickles and hysterical giggles.



“You guys are freaking early riser. I woke up at seven, to a deranged Spongebob alarm and found no one around.”

“I call him Freaky Bob, he’s Changmin’s, I hate that alarm too, okay? Don’t blame me!”

“Changmin’s? Oh well I’m not blaming you, in fact I’m thanking you. If it wasn’t for… uhm… Freaky Bob’s lunatic cackling I would’ve overslept.”

“Thank Changmin then, he was the one who set it for you I think. I didn’t do it.”


“… oh, anyway Hyung, what time will you be finished today?”

“I still don’t know. Why?”

“If it’s around six, could you pick Changmin up in Marine World? I’ll tell him to wait for you.”



“Oh, okay, no problem. I can pick you up too if you want, how ‘bout that?”

“Don’t, Hyung. This place is too far from yours.”

“Come on, it’s ok—“


Jaejoong hung up the phone. He wasn’t in the mood to talk and negotiate, that’s the reason why he chose to be alone, sitting on the stair near the back exit of their restaurant, watching grey, empty alley (and cats that gathered around the big trash can), while smoking and cracking nutmeg shells instead of using his break time to have a lunch.

Lunch means time to socialize and negotiate, and he wasn’t in the mood.

He wasn’t in the mood for another Hyunjoong episode either, but still he could do nothing but smile when the guy appeared in front of him. There was something about the older guy –no, Jaejoong wasn’t really interested in him, but that warmth and clueless attitude, they were two of some aspects that he missed.

“You really know this area.” Jaejoong commented, and crack another nutmeg with a wooden cracker. His cigarette was already off by then.

“I asked Leeteuk-sshi. He said you’re into the back door during lunchtime lately.” Hyunjoong answered. He swung his legs lightly and took a seat beside Jaejoong.

“Watch out, it’s dirty there.”

Hyunjoong smiled at the attention. “Let’s eat. It’s lunch time.”

“Thanks Hyung, but no.”

“Then let’s go somewhere… you have one hour for a break, and you only use it to crack nutmegs?”

Well, the difference is, Changmin rarely this persistent, Jaejoong thought. Knowing that the older guy was always pushy (and he had lost his time to be alone anyway), he decided to give up.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked as he got up and took off his red apron.

Hyunjoong also got up and smiled wider.”Coffee sounds okay?”


Soon they’ve already walked side by side to the parking lot, not so far from the back entrance. Jaejoong warned that he smelled like nutmegs but the older guy didn’t mind, even commented that it was delicious instead. He let Hyunjoong clang onto him, grasping his dirty hand with his own smooth one.

When they’ve reached the car Hyunjoong stepped closer and whispered to his ears, “You know, now I know how to make you come in five minutes.”

It supposed to be seductive, but somehow the timid guy couldn’t pull it off.

Jaejoong looked at him, whose face turned pink, and immediately detected embarrassment behind such bold statement.

He chuckled and ruffled Hyunjoong’s hair. “Forget it. The last time someone said that to me, he failed miserably…”

[to be continued]
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