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[fic] Shimmering Blue (chapter 8)

Title: Shimmering Blue
Pairing: Jaemin (main)
Genre: AU, supernatural/fantasy/non-human, angst, romance
Warning: underage-went-wrong, WTFs, minor torture/violence, possible annoying!min, angst and sap
Rating: PG-NC-17/R
Until some springs ago he still enjoyed being enveloped by the current or leaping from one rock to another without asking things, until a special kind of creature came to distract his joyous lifetime

A/N: Two words to summarize this chapter. BED and SEX. It's only a bridge, really xD 

chapter 8

“What are you talking about? I’ve been looking for you, fifteen fucking years! Do you have any idea how miserable I’ve been!?Where were you? Why the hell I couldn’t find you sooner!?“ Xiah screamed in frustration. Right in front of him, a guy was staring back at him, tears glistened from the corner of his eyes.

“You can’t… everything’s not the same. I’m completely different.” The guy trembled as he confessed, “And I’ve been avoiding you, that’s why.”

Xiah stepped back, eyes widened in shock. “B-but… I had forgiven you for leaving me… I had done the same thing to be with you, but it didn’t work, and how could you…”

“W-we’re happy as we are, Xiah. Can we… can we just leave everything behind and go on with our new life?” The guy’s eyes gleamed with plea. “Can you forget me?”

“N-no, you didn’t… you didn’t just say that….”

“Xiah, please…”

“Fuck you!!” Xiah exploded. “How could you do this!? They’re trash, they’re weak, they’re only good for fuck and food! What is it that they have and I don’t!?”

“I… I love Yoohwan…”


Xiah growled loudly and lashed another ceramic vase against the wall. His naked body perspired more as every furious breath went in and out his lungs. Ten years passed in a blink of eyes, yet the old scene still haunted him through the dream, making him experienced the horrid again and again. He couldn’t forget the fire that burned him that time; anger, sorrow, agony. Betrayed, deceived.

Ignoring the cuts along his arm, he dialed a number, only to stop halfway and slam the phone to the floor.

“Hyukjae!!” He roared, scratching hair in frustration.

Soon a guy came by the door. “Yes, Xiah-sshi?”

“Bring an ass or two here. Taemin, Donghae, anyone who isn’t easily get knocked out. Now.”

“Changmin is on the way, sir. What about him?”

The fury suddenly toned down as Xiah dropped his face to his palm, sniggering quietly. “Perfect. Fucking perfect.” Another idiot who desperately wants to be human. “Let him in.” He settled himself on the bed and waited.

In less than a minute Changmin arrived by the door; and without word, hopped into the bed and went all over Xiah, sitting on his lap with legs and arms around him, forcing a hungry kiss. The fox smirked against Changmin’s mouth and for a while let the human guy took control.

Changmin hated it that kissing Xiah was an unbearable pleasure, so much that he often lost in it.

“You come in a perfect time.” Xiah started to kiss back. The more he respond, the more eager Changmin became. He tangled his fingers between Xiah’s hair and pressed the fox’s head into him, letting out barely a soft yelp when Xiah began to nibble his lips a bit too hard, but doing no attempt to stop the kiss, not even after the guy’s slick cock grew harder and rubbed Changmin between his legs.

“Greedy slut.” The tone was soft, like a confession of love. He coiled an arm around Changmin’s shoulder and dragged a hand down his back, dipping into the band of Changmin’s jeans. A sharp, manicured nail scratched the moist cleave between his butt cheeks. The first was gentle, the second was harder, and the third was enough to shred the skin.

Changmin hissed but didn’t say anything; he knew what would happen after that kind of touch and wanted it to pass as soon as possible, and so he worked quickly to get rid of his own pants and tugged off the leather belt wrapped around the band.

He handed it to Xiah and get off of his lap, still wordless. If he didn’t offer his own belt the hungry fox would go for something worse.

“Keep your shirt. Elbows and knees.” Xiah leaned against the headboard and reached out a leg, tilting Changmin’s chin up with his toe as he did what he ordered. “Why do you think you deserve this?” He put the belt around Changmin’s neck and let the long end hung from his Adam’s apple.

His blood flow sped up seeing how the guy shut his eyes with firm ass dangling high in the air, as silent wasn’t enough to hide the fear behind his skin. It was too visible how the tanned skin went paler and shuddered under the pain that threatened. Licking his lips, Xiah ran his feet over Changmin’s temple, across his cheek, to the chapped lower lip. “Lick it like a dog.”

Changmin did as he told, licking Xiah’s toe one by one with the tip of his tongue, slowly and silently. The fox decided that he didn’t like how it was performed. Groaning impatiently, he grabbed the belt and yanked it till the human toy choked and coughed, face flushed.

“Not like that, suck it, hard, quick, sounds. I want sounds.” He watched with eyes filled with fury as Changmin slurped his toes, acting eager as if they were popsicles just to please him. He wiggled his feet, smearing Changmin’s face with saliva and hit it with the back of his feet.

“That should be enough for you. Slut doesn’t deserve a fuck.”

Then he pulled the belt closer to him, “Lick all the way up” and began stroking his cock as Changmin crawled towards him with tongue trailing his calf, across his knee and inner thigh.

He clutched a handful of hair and pressed Changmin’s face against his crotch, swaying his hips roughly while doing so. How he loved smearing the beautiful nose bridge and eyelashes with his glistening precum, seeing the human guy shut his eyes tighter and winced to fight back a strangled noise and upset cry. His sick passion accelerated, breath sped up and evolved into moans.

Gritting his teeth, he untied the belt from Changmin’s neck and lashed it against his face. Cry of pain finally escaped from Changmin’s tightly sealed lips, and it only made the fox wanted to do it more, to hurt him more than he could bear.

“Suck it. Hard, deep, teeth.” He shoved his twitching cock as soon as Changmin opened his mouth; he trapped Changmin’s head between his palms and moved it up and down, bumping the tip of his shaft against Changmin’s throat repeatedly without giving the guy a chance to adjust his breath.

“Mhh…” Changmin struggled not to vomit. It would only make everything last longer.

“You’re not sucking hard enough. Hard, bitch. Hard. You suck at sucking cock.”

Changmin clang onto the bed sheet as if it was his only savior, as he vacuumed harder and swallowed the disgusting thick taste of sweat, blood and precum. He didn’t know how long it had lasted, his jaw was sore and his stomach twirled from nausea.

“Don’t you dare closing your eyes. See my cock. See my cock fucking your mouth.”

Again, Changmin did as he was told. The cock was coated in saliva; red, bruised line marked the shaft, caused by the scrapping of Changmin’s teeth.

“Look at my eyes.” Xiah cupped his chin. Changmin looked at the cold, hungry orbs, facing them with his hopeless ones. Another rough kiss. A long, painful one, with Xiah still leaned against the headboard and Changmin on all fours before him. By the time it ended, a knife had cut the front of Changmin’s T-shirt, revealing his bare chest.

Xiah rarely stripped him naked. He loved when blood oozed through the fabric, he loved seeing Changmin with ripped top. He loved to tie the ripped top around Changmin’s neck and choked him till the guy convulsed and just an inch from death.

“Turn around.”

Trembling harder, Changmin crawled around, displaying his ass for Xiah’s view. The latter gulped and licked his lips seeing the firm cheeks trembling with a hole clenching and a pair of slender thighs propping them perkily.

Xiah’s breathe went rampant, audible from his nostrils. He rose up, kneeling on his knees and pushed Changmin’s rip T-shirt up to run a hand over Changmin’s back, tracing the pattern of his spine and seductive body hair.

“Answer. How much would you take it?” He asked; voice calm and cold.

The answer was a weak whisper, “…As much as you want.”

“And how much is that?”

Changmin didn’t answer. Xiah tightened his grip on the belt.

“What do you think I want?” He asked again, and finally scoffed when no answer was uttered.

With a growl, he whipped the belt against the flawless skin.

The first was against Changmin’s back, made him cried loudly. The second was across his ass cheeks; he cried louder, and after the seventh Changmin could only curl lifeless, no longer able to prop on all fours as pain defeated him. All left bloody streaks, seeped through his T-shirt.

Leaning forward to hover above the limp guy, Xiah’s voice was dripping with poison. “I want to fuck you hard and raw, till your ass tear apart. I want you to feast on my cum as if it was your breakfast, understand?”

Changmin nodded. Trembling, he gathered strength to be on all fours again.

Xiah caressed the back of the thigh, up and down, before he roughly probed a finger into the hole. Changmin yelped and again fell on his stomach, shaking, and Xiah pulled out his finger, only to grab the other guy’s bony hips for a better position before he continued finger-fucking him, until four fingers were inside. The hips bounced upward in every deep intrusion as Xiah enjoyed clamping a mouthful of flesh on the mound of Changmin’s ass, and kept biting until the skin ripped and bleed.

Even within the torturous pain, Changmin got hard as his prostate was attacked relentlessly, and he cursed his human body for reacting against his will.

“I’ll teach your naughty cock to behave.” Xiah said. He turned Changmin’s body over to face him, spreading the legs wide. Settling self between the legs, he gripped Changmin’s length, focusing the strength around the base, fisting it strong and still and unmoving.

Changmin began to whimper, releasing the voice he had been holding back, obviously due to pain and not pleasure.

“You’ll survive longer than usual… if in the end I decide this as a good fuck.” Xiah tugged the cock harshly, causing another whimper. “Now beg me to fuck you.”

“P-please… fuck me…” The voice was too weak and lacked the tone of pleading according to the fox’s taste.

“You’re not saying it right. Don’t make me think you’re a bad fuck.”

Changmin took a deep shaky breath and increased his volume, “Please… Xiah, please fuck me, I want your cock inside me, hard and raw, I want to swallow your cum…”


“Because I’m a slut and I’m so horny…”

“Do you deserve my cock?”

“No, not at all… I don’t deserve it…”

Xiah smirked and clenched his jaw. Hooking Changmin’s legs around his shoulder, he secured Changmin’s thighs with his arms as he directed his cock towards the clenched entrance, stabbing it forcefully with an impatient groan.

His eyes rolled back in ecstasy as he pumped the hole with ferocious space, dry and tight, sucking him into a scorching heat, while Changmin’s cry on his ears only function as a lullaby that accelerated his lust. “Fucking slut. Beautiful, beautiful slut.”

Changmin shook his head uncontrollably, biting his lower lip and made it bleed worse, clutching the bed sheet to the extent that his fingers almost broke.

Xiah pulled out just a moment before he came and shifted forward to sit on Changmin’s chest, and shoot the thick liquid on Changmin’s flushed and tear-drenched face.

“Make me clean.” He said, shoving his cock into Changmin’s mouth and let the guy’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down swallowing his essence. He gradually went limp inside Changmin’s mouth.

Changmin had prepared, because usually Xiah would heal him, making all the wounds disappear only so he could start the torture all over again, even worse than before. He bit his lips and wiped his wet face with the ripped T-shit hanging around his shoulders, while struggling to stop the tears.

In fact Xiah hugged him and prompted him to crawl up towards the pillow. Changmin followed, still crying silently, and had Xiah nestled him by his side before he pulled the velvet comforter and caressed Changmin all over.

All the wounds and pain miraculously disappeared.

“Shh… don’t cry… it’s not hurt anymore, is it?” Xiah circled his arms around Changmin’s chest and snuggling against his neck. He pecked Changmin’s cheek, nose, lips, and nipple in a row. “See? I’m kissing it better.”

Changmin shifted away, trying to leave, but Xiah held him still and the latter was stronger.

“Why are you still sad? Is this your favorite T-shirt? You bring jacket right…” He chuckled, sending shivers into Changmin’s ear. “Cuddle with me…”

Changmin begged weakly, “Let me go…”

“Sweetheart, don’t be so cruel. I’m cold, cuddle with me, please…?”


Xiah held him tighter, smiling on his shoulder. “You’re not going anywhere, right? You’re going to let me hold you, right?”

He chuckled again when Changmin stopped struggling and preferred to cry inside his embrace. At least this is not the worst way.
“Shh… my beautiful boy… stop crying… forgive me?“



“Don’t…. Jaejoong, I don’t feel like it…” Changmin pushed Jaejoong away; hand caught the guy’s wrist and stopped him from undressing him.

Jaejoong was a bit surprise; the other guy had never rejected him. Still he didn’t think too far and only smiled.

“No? Are you on menstrual period?” He joked, hoping Changmin would pout or glared at him, but the guy kept looking down. Thinking not to make it a big deal, he finally said, “It’s okay, I won’t force you. Just a kiss?”

Their lips had just barely met but Changmin pulled away in a sudden, as if a kiss hadn’t been casual for them.

Jaejoong stared at him, startled at the reaction.

“Baby… is there something wrong?”

“N-nothing… I’m sorry Jae, I just… don’t feel like it…”


Jaejoong stayed still, sitting on his bed with legs crossed and elbows propping on his thighs, with blanket covered his naked body up to the waist. Thirty minutes more until 5pm, yet it had been hours since he stared blankly at the dim, moonlit window curtain.

Hyunjoong was sleeping beside him, as naked as him. For the fourth time already his hand roved the pillow, searching for Jaejoong’s hand inside his sleep. He produced a quiet, worried purr, almost not audible, and only stopped when Jaejoong caught his hand for assurance.

After few minutes the grip relaxed and Jaejoong could let his hand free.

The young businessman was five years older than him, yet acting like he was five years younger. He begged for Jaejoong’s love and attention like a teenager. Jaejoong had stated a direct rejection but Hyunjoong was too desperate and stubborn for a reality check.

Jaejoong hated to involve feeling, but he probably wouldn’t let his guard down if it wasn’t because of some traits Hyunjoong had. He reminded him of Changmin, before that childhood friend of his began to stray away from him for no reason.

Except of course, Hyunjoong wasn’t that quiet.

He dragged his cigarette and finally extinguished it into the astray on the bedside desk. His mind began to wander off again.

Just before he got lost in thoughts, a forehead nudged his shoulder from behind, shattering his musings.


He looked over his shoulder to meet Hyunjoong’s hesitant smile. He smiled back and ruffled the older guy’s hair gently. “It’s still early. Go back to sleep.”

The brown-haired timidly wrapped his arms around Jaejoong’s waist, leaning the side of his face against Jaejoong’s back. “I sucked, wasn’t I?” He muttered.

Jaejoong chuckled at the unexpected question. “It was cute, I liked it.” He answered.

“You’re lying…”

“I’m not. Are you sure it wasn’t your first time, though?”

Hyunjoong shook his head. “No.”

“But definitely your first time giving blow job.”

A silence.

Jaejoong chuckled again, and turned around to hug the guy and kissed him on the forehead. “Don’t worry, I liked it.”

The reply was immediate, on Jaejoong’s lips. Light at first then slowly deepened as Hyunjoong was so eager towards the enticing softness of the younger guy’s mouth. He kissed Jaejoong like it was his only chance, and the latter didn’t mind; it had been a while since someone showed him adoration to that extent.

Panting, Hyunjoong pulled away and hugged Jaejoong’s tighter, burying his face on the crook of his neck. “Do you always treat your…uhm… whoever slept with you... this way?” he asked incredulously.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re so gentle. I could almost think you really love me.”

“I don’t.”

Hyunjoong sighed. He decided to continue the kiss instead of the conversation, letting Jaejoong knew how much he needed the guy. Soon the kiss got heated as they had their naked bodies wrapping each other, moans overlapping the silence of the room, until Hyunjoong got a bit too excited and stopped. He blushed, shameful at the fact that a mere kiss could quickly turn him on, while the younger guy laughed softly.

“Don’t laugh.” Hyunjoong said.

“You’re like a teenager, Hyung.”

“……call me my name.”


Smiling, he looked down to the bulge of the blanket between Hyunjoong’s legs. “Let me help.” He moved backward and tugged the blanket aside to reveal the other guy’s naked skin and his erection.

“Y-you don’t have too…” Hyunjoong blushed as Jaejoong bent over between his legs, head just above his cock.

“I’ll show you how it’s done.”

The first lick on his cock made his breath hitched, the second lick was followed by Jaejoong’s entire mouth, turning him frantic.

“Jae… aah…nnh…”

“Feels good?”

Hyunjoong nodded, losing himself. Everytime he dared to open his eyes and looked down Jaejoong was there, looking back seductively with cheek hollowed and lips tight around him. His eyes couldn’t believe that it was really happening.

It was a shameful five minutes until he came.

After that they flopped into the bed silently, giving each other time to regain breath.

“T-thanks…” Hyunjoong broke the silence.

“No problem. Now I’m going to sleep, if it’s okay with you.”

“It’s okay… I have to go now.” He got up, lazily gathered his clothes scattered on the floor and wore them. “This is sucks. I have an appointment at six thirty.”

Jaejoong hummed in agreement. “Yeah, that is sucks.” He commented. “… well I’ll take you to your car.”

“No, you don’t have to. I can walk there by myself.”

Still, Jaejoong got up to put on his sweats. Bare-chested, he walked Hyunjoong to the exit door and opened the door for him.

Hyunjoong gave another long kiss before he asked the question he had asked several times.

“So… I really… have no chance?”

Jaejoong stroked the guy’s head. “We’ve talked about it.”

You’re beautiful, Hyung. But I haven’t cared about you enough to prevent myself from hurting you. If you give yourself I will just use you for a good fuck and leave you whenever I get bored.

It was hard to register those words when the term ‘good fuck’ was actually a slow and gentle sex with laughter, strokes, sweet words and cuddle afterward.

“Your words are bitter, but your action is really sweet. That confuses me.” Hyunjoong said brokenly.

“I’m sorry. You’re sweet to me, I only paid it back.”

Hating the reason, Hyunjoong just hugged Jaejoong tight to stop him from speaking more. “I love you. I think I’m going crazy. Don’t say anything right now, just… just think about it.”

He walked away in a hurry without turning back.

Jaejoong knew how persistent the older guy was. After all he was the youngest from a super rich family. He always got what he wanted.

Jaejoong closed the door. Maybe I really should think about it. He turned around with a sigh.

He caught his breath to find Changmin on the couch, decomposing another electronic component.


“Hey.” Changmin focused on the component, ignoring Jaejoong who was standing not so far from him. Jaejoong didn’t know that it was Changmin’s way to run from situation. To prevent the obvious ache from showing.

He should’ve known, after all he had known Changmin enough. But then so many things happened made him think that he didn’t know anything.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re here?”

When you guys were exchanging sweet talks and moaning to the ceiling!? Changmin chuckled. He intended it to be natural, really, but somehow it couldn’t help but filled with bitterness. Surprised at his own tone, he paused for a while.

It got more awkward.

So he decided to just continue with a more controlled tone and (forced) smile, ”You guys were busy.”

For a while Jaejoong only stared at Changmin, observing him without saying anything. Then he left him for a shower.

Changmin exhaled in relief. The air was too thick it choked him.

He didn’t know what Jaejoong was thinking, but after the shower the guy walked towards him and sat by his side.

“Where were you?” Jaejoong asked finally.

“A friend’s place.”

“Your boyfriend?”

Should I just say yes? “….No.”

Again, the torturing silence. Changmin almost got up for an escape, but the next question stopped his breath.

“I’m your boyfriend, right? Things don’t work too well between us, but it’s only a phase, right?” Jaejoong’s voice fell to a whisper.

“….Hyunjoong-sshi is a good man.”

“You’re a good man too. I want you. What should I do to get you back?”

“Jae, stop it…”

“Tell me when you have something in mind.”

He kissed Changmin’s cheek and left.

[to be continued]

A/N: hahaha so it lacked jaemin, but the next chapter will be full of them.
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