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[fic] Shimmering Blue (chapter 6)

Title: Shimmering Blue
Pairing: Jaemin (main)
Genre: AU, supernatural/fantasy/non-human, angst, romance
Warning: underage-went-wrong, WTFs, minor torture/violence, possible annoying!min
Rating: PG-NC-17/R
Until some springs ago he still enjoyed being enveloped by the current or leaping from one rock to another without asking things, until a special kind of creature came to distract his joyous lifetime

chapter 6

"Changmin, you're not hot at all, you know?" Jaejoong pulled away from a careful kiss and jutted his lower lip in childish disappointment.

The boy he just insulted frowned. "Not hot...?"

"Yeah, whenever we kiss you would just lay your hands stiff on your lap or my shoulders at the best!"

"What should I do then?" Changmin asked, though didn't quite understand why being hot was that important. He let the other boy took his wrists and controlled his hands.

"Make them here..." Jaejoong placed Changmin's hands on his waist. "Or here." He dragged them to his chest, then to his nape and the back of his head. "And move them all over me... like, you know, I like being caressed."

Blushing a bit, Changmin noted himself to do exactly like that next time.


Changmin smiled, though at the same time pain pricked his chest. Splayed open on his lap was a photo album, a gift from their orphanage mother. On the first page was a picture of Jaejoong and him--he looked afraid and nearly cried with arms hanging stiffly on the sides while Jaejoong comfortably draped an arm around his shoulder, showing a thumb and wearing a big grin. Under the photo was written, "Will miss these two lovely boys."

It was the first day on the orphanage and one of the staffs offered to take their picture as remembrance after he consoled Jaejoong with melon Popsicle and assured Changmin that a camera wouldn't take his soul.

From the second page onwards lined the chronologically arranged pictures, reminded him how he used to be shorter, how they used to be too skinny and had a bad fashion sense. How he always glued to Jaejoong no matter when, inviting mocks from the other kids and caused Jaejoong to get into many fights. Almost all of the fights involved a shoe and ended up with Jaejoong losing a right for the afternoon snack (usually red bean ice cream), and it tickled Changmin how it was such a big deal that time, that he would kneel and cry in front of their orphanage mother just so she would take away the punishment.

He remembered their birthdays, Jaejoong’s birthday that had been decided as his birthday as well, just so they could celebrate it together. He remembered the spicy foods on the twelfth, the failed cake on the thirteenth. The cold, one-night get away on the fourteenth and the pain, heat and heartbeat as they gave themselves to each other on the fifteenth.

He remembered the promise they made that time, and that he was the one who broke it first.

The photo on the last page was taken a day before their departure, not so long after they graduated from high-school, in which Changmin only needed two years to finish. Both of them were smiling and had arms around each other, and under the photo was written, simply, “Smile, and always smile.”


Changmin forced himself to smile as he closed the album and returned it to the closet. Then he shoved some electronic components into his postman bag, wore his jacket and headed to the exit door.



The club hadn’t been opened when Changmin arrived at 4pm, and so he entered from the back door, ignoring the suspicious stares from some guys and got in before they managed to interrogate him any further. Not even glancing at the dim red-lighted dance floor or empty booths, Changmin went straight to the bar and sneaked in behind the counter, searching for a button under a certain whiskey bottle on the liquor racks.

“Whoa, what do you think you’re doing, dude?” Someone caught him by the arm. He was around thirties and had a certain smell.

Changmin gripped the guy’s wrist and detached it from his arm while lashing him a blank stare. “Your boss wanted to see me.”

The guy was new, no wonder he didn’t recognize him. Worse, his smell was a bit too strong that it began to annoy Changmin.

“What do you mean, I’m this place owner.”

“I’m talking about your real boss.”

The guy couldn’t hide the surprise. He crossed his arms and examined Changmin from head to toe, scrunching his nose. “You’re not one of us, but you don’t smell like human.” He concluded.

Changmin hated that kind of statement. He hated it. He didn’t go through all these shits to be not-human, half-human, artificial human, or whatever they often labeled him. He had human sense, he had human organs and bleed like human, he had human feelings, limitations and weaknesses, there was nothing less human about him, nothing at all.

Or maybe there was, but Changmin tried not to think about it.

“It has nothing to do with you.” He cut the guy’s curiosity off and pressed the button.

A block of floor tile right below the counter slid open, revealing a sheer stair to the underground. Disregarding the guy’s questioning look, Changmin swing his legs down the stair, no longer feeling surprised when the floor tile immediately slid closed above him.

It was pitch black, only for a while until the row of dim lamps were automatically turned on and illuminated his way. In front of him was a long, narrow hall and on each side were doors. They were all closed and Changmin had never cared to know what was inside. He went straight to the last, biggest door on the hall and opened it without prior notice, because by being able to open it he knew that his presence was already foreseen.

The smell of cedar.

As he walked deeper into the room the smell was getting stronger to the point where it suffocated him. In no time he reached the main room.

A guy, around twenties, was lying on the king-sized bed with only a piece of red velvet cloth covering his naked body up to the waist, not enough to properly hide another person who was dwelling between his legs. He groaned lowly and arched his back as the cloth slid away, revealing a teenage boy who was fervently bobbing his head up and down the guy’s cock, eliciting a naughty hum when he got his head grabbed and controlled, rough and fast.

Changmin cleared his throat, but soon realized that the sound he made was defeated by the frantic moans.

“Xiah.” Finally he decided to call.

“Oh, sweetheart…” Xiah smiled while kept hissing and moving his hips against the boy’s face. Then he chuckled upon seeing Changmin’s wry face and stopped, “You can go, Tae…” He commanded the boy.

The boy glared at the newcomer who caused disruption and without saying anything, brought his naked body out of the room.

“You fuck kids too.” Changmin commented. His tone was flat. The sight didn’t bother him, probably because he wasn’t even sure whether the boy was truly around fifteen or not though he looked like one.

“Taemin? He’s a cum kitten…” Xiah pursed his lips. “I’m so deprived, you’re not here often… and you can’t even say ‘I want to suck your cock’ properly…”

“Okay, so that’s what you want now?”

Changmin took off his jacket and climbed onto the bed, and already had Xiah inside his grip when the guy grinned teasingly, “No actually, but if you insist…”

“Fuck, just make it straight.” Changmin released the slick shaft in disgust.

“Straight? We’re not.”

Xiah grinned wider as the other guy rolled his eyes. He dragged his finger along the side of Changmin’s neck, “Have you got the memory drive done?”

Changmin dodged from the touch before he took a component out of his bag and dropped it on the guy’s bare stomach. Xiah feigned a surprise, “Sweetheart, you’re always so unfriendly it hurts me…” He nudged his forehead onto Changmin’s chest.

With only the velvet cloth wrapped around his waist, he got up from the bed and walked towards the small door on the corner of the room. Changmin followed him. It leaded to another room with lots of screens, computers and stacks of document.

Xiah sat behind one of the tables and connected the component Changmin had given to one of the computers. A pass code and fingerprint scan request appeared on the hologram screen and manicured nails typed everything with a flash speed.

A map and columns of data appeared in the screen.

Xiah gaped in amazement, “Wow, I’ve tried to deal with this shit and failed, you know? Seriously you’re a genius. Feeding stupid fishes is a waste of talent, you should do things like this as a real job, sweetheart.”

“I love water animals and stop calling me that way, it’s disgusting.”

“What? Your human name is lame. Shim Changmin, seriously, what is that.”

“And Kim Junsu is not lame?”

“It sounds innocent, no?”

“Whatever.” He’s in a good mood… should get out of here before it changes. “Now if you excuse—“ Changmin prepared to leave.

“Wait, wait, wait… I’m not finished yet.”

The screen changed, and now it displayed a picture of a double-handed platinum grail with cravings all over and big diamond on the center. “This baby, sweetheart. It costs at least a hundred million won in black market.”

Changmin sighed.

“Don’t you love stealing? Sneaking and breaking codes are your forte, no?” Xiah commented upon seeing the tanned guy slumped down. “Or you prefer killing?”

“Don’t make me do that again, I’d rather have you fucked me till I bleed.”

“That man was a killer himself, no need to feel that bad…“ Xiah laughed and squinted playfully, “But of course you prefer my cock more than anything.”

Knowing that he had no other option, Changmin silently received the print out of the map and listened to the brief explanation. At least the fox was in a good mood, it was rare enough that Changmin could go before having his body claimed and roved all over.

“So… you know how it should be done, or do I need to remind you?” Xiah asked, tightening the red velvet around his waist. His asymmetrical bang covered one of his overtweezed eyebrows.


“Good boy.”

Changmin sighed again, and was about to walk away when Xiah grabbed his arm, “You don’t need it?” He licked his upper lips. “Why should you come in the first place, then?”

Don’t speak as if I could do otherwise. “Later. After I get this thing you want.” It’s risky now.

Xiah chuckled, “How can you do the task with such weak body, come on, I love kissing you…”

By the next second Changmin had already had Xiah’s mouth latched onto his, sending him an indescribable mix of pleasure and nausea. It was joyfully thrilling, how he felt like regaining a whole new life force all over, and at the same time it disgusted him that he actually felt that way. He was lost, subconsciously holding the sides of Xiah’s face and accepted the sensation until the latter pulled away suddenly.

Xiah was stunned. He looked at Changmin questioningly –a bit surprised. Then he moaned, bit his own lips and danced his tongue all over his own cavity, as if tasting his own mouth.

Changmin froze. He knew it wasn’t a good sign.

“My goodness… Jaejoongie…?” Smile rose on Xiah’s face, a really euphoric one. His eyes were those of a hungry predator as he stepped closer. “Was that my Jaejoong?”

“Stop it.” Changmin retreated but the fox was too fast for him. “Stop it, he’s not yours—mmf…” Another rough kiss silenced him.

Xiah paused again, only to assure himself, “It’s really my Jaejoong, so faint but… oh fuck… he’s so delicious…” He muttered and continued the kiss, hungrier, rougher, teeth and tongue all over. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…. Jaejoongie…”

Changmin could only shut his eyes tight as Xiah cornered him onto the wall and plunged his tongue deeper into his throat.

“I’ve told you right, you’re really torturing me sweetheart… bringing his taste to me again and again when you don’t want to share, that’s cruel, you know? I think I should just—“

“Don’t think about it…!” Changmin snapped.

“Your human friends never teach you not to be selfish?” A hand yanked Changmin’s hair. “I can’t promise anything if you keep seducing me like that…” He pressed his thigh between Changmin’s legs, smirking when the taller guy grimaced in pain. He gnawed down his neck, leaving bite marks and hickeys.

“Stop it, Xiah…. I-it’s enough…”

“Shh… I’m the one who decide what is enough for you.”

It horrified and disgusted Changmin --Xiah’s teeth that dug into his skin, his cedar smell, how the eyes rolled back in ecstasy, how Jaejoong’s name was uttered in such lust and disgrace, how his taste savored. He would have killed the fox right at the moment if only it didn’t mean killing himself.

“I’m your creator, sweetheart. I’m your God. Do you think it’s as simple as placing you inside a human’s body? Any fox could do that, you know? I’m not any fox; I’ve merged you with that body –heart, mind and soul… you’re as human as you could think, therefore if you die, there’ll be no more of that Little One. You’ll vanish just as lowly as human, even better. You’ll disappear instead of decaying slowly. Decaying is not really pretty, don’t you think?”

The kiss ended with a groan and Changmin’s head slammed to the wall, and Xiah immediately apologized, rubbing the stinging spot on the guy’s head in a loving manner and kissed his hand wholeheartedly. Sick, Changmin thought; though he had perfectly accustomed to that trait of him.

Xiah could never be trusted. His mood and attitude changed drastically like a mental disorder, at one minute he could be so harmless, and by the next minute a little trigger could turn him into a monster. He was unpredictable and he could do anything just because he wanted to, so when the guy started the fuss about wanting Jaejoong, Changmin knew he had to be careful.



Jaejoong sighed; many things were bugging his mind, and his work surprisingly wasn’t one of them. Inside his hand was a letter. He knew most people wouldn’t confess with letters nowadays, but Hyunjoong wasn’t most people. Most people wouldn’t come to a family restaurant alone and ordered different menu one by one only to have a certain waiter come to their table again and again. Most people wouldn’t do it almost every day for three months either.

Hyunjoong was a young, successful businessman, yet he talked to Jaejoong like an eleven years old. Timid and needy. Almost mute. With a look of adoration across his face.

He reminded him of a certain someone.

But he knew he wasn’t that someone, so he turned him down. Still the guy insisted to get a chance, stuttering while saying that, and Jaejoong just had a weak spot for that kind of attitude ever since he was a kid.

“Do you mean what you’ve just said, Changmin? It’s okay if I be with Keita?”

“If he’s a good guy and loves you, why not?”

“I thought you’re… I mean, I always think of you as more than a friend or brother, you know in what way I love you, right…?”

“….Jaejoong, it’s… I know, but I… I can’t be with you forever.”

Jaejoong shook his head. The conversation was replayed inside his head too often, and he knew he should learn to accept it by now. Their relationship was deeper than that; it wasn’t a kind where Jaejoong would let it end just because Changmin didn’t feel the same way.
However he messed up a lot, everything went out of control and maybe that was why Changmin changed.

Jaejoong shook his head again. His eyes searched the clock. It was almost 10pm.

He’s late. Marine World closes at six…

Just before he decided to call, the door was pushed open. Changmin walked in, looking tired. His hair was messy. From the looks in his eyes Jaejoong assumed that he didn’t expect to see him there.

“Jae… you’re early.” Changmin’s voice was barely a whisper.

Jaejoong nodded. “I’m thinking of going somewhere with you...”

“Yeah..? Where?”

Cold. Why? Why you’re always so cold? “It’s been a while since we spent our time together right, and I…”

He paused. His gaze was automatically stirred to hickeys and bite marks decorated the side of Changmin’s neck, peeking from behind the jacket collar.

Seeing the change in Jaejoong’s expression, Changmin noticed the cause and immediately pulled up his collar to cover it. “Sorry.” He looked away.

“No, it’s okay, I understand…” Jaejoong lost his words for a while. Then he braced himself and quickly continued, “Anyway, I want to take you for a dinner if you haven’t had one... I-I promise nothing more than that…”

Changmin chuckled, “No, it’s not that, Jae… where do you want to go?”

“There’s this 24-hour Vietnamese restaurant… my work buddy said the food is good. You like Vietnamese food, don’t you?”

“I want to eat pho…”

Jaejoong felt his heart jumped. “Yes yes, there’s a lot of delicious pho there!” he exclaimed happily.

“Really? I’ll go wash my face first then.”

The tanned guy disappeared to the bathroom, while Jaejoong stared at his back with wide eyes and an ear-to-ear grin. Soon an English song escaped his mouth, as he dropped his self onto the couch and jerked his head enthusiastically to the rhythm,” I have confidence in sunshine… I have confidence in rain…”

Changmin closed the bathroom door and his eyes as the smooth voice faintly reached his ears. In the past he would always smile whenever he heard Jaejoong sang, but now he couldn’t.

He took out a red, thumb-sized clay bottle from his pocket. His hand hesitated on the cap momentarily before he sighed, and forced himself to pull the cap open.

A cedar scent merged with the air and soon the cheerful singing was no longer heard. Changmin returned to the living room after a while to find Jaejoong unconscious on the couch.


Holding back his breath, Changmin walked towards the couch and knelt on the floor, watching his beloved sleeping soundly –lips parted, breath steady, an arm latched on his stomach while the other hung limp beside his body, touching the floor. Changmin took the hanging arm and carefully secured it on top of the other arm.

Moments passed in silence.


He brought his hand to Jaejoong’s face, brushing some strands of black hair. He slid the back of his fingers down Jaejoong’s temple and nudged the soft, supple cheek with a thumb, all slowly and gently. He ran his index finger over the pink lower lip, from corner to corner. In the end he nudged it with his own lip, only swiftly.


He inhaled, from Jaejoong’s jaw, along his neck, down to his collarbone, the tip of his nose almost made contact. Aside from Jaejoong’s real scent, a faint baby scent was still there, coming from his shampoo, though now it blended with cigarettes, men’s cologne and spices. Changmin loved it nonetheless; after all it was Jaejoong’s. So he sniffed it again, along the same route, only now his nose really touched the skin.

There wasn’t much chance where he could do this without having Jaejoong replying the treatment, and consensual affection feared him. The other guy’s taste and smell would linger all over his body for days; at least it was like that according to a nine-tailed fox’s abnormal sense.

But now, Changmin couldn’t stop himself, though he knew how nasty and unfair it was to touch and enjoy Jaejoong when he was powerless. He unzipped Jaejoong’s jacket and spread the chest part open, revealing the broad, snow-white shoulders, and coiled a finger onto the low-cut neck, tugging it down to see more of the curve between Jaejoong’s pecs. He lapped the tip of his tongue down the curve, really slightly, not wanting to take too much taste.

In the end he just broke down, collapsed on top of Jaejoong’s chest, trembling and cursing himself. And everything.

Until a phone call reminded him of what he should be doing.

“Yeah, I’m on my way.” He answered to a certain voice across the line.

He zipped Jaejoong’s jacket back and splayed a blanket over the guy’s body. There was always a blanket and a pillow on that couch, since one of them slept there too often.

Whispering the last word of apology, he placed a kiss on Jaejoong’s forehead and left.

[to be continued]

Oh, just listening to Ne-yo and realized that he really had something to say for DBSK boys: "What happens with working it out...?? We've fallen to the place where you ain't backing down, and I ain't backing down, and what the hell do we do noooowww....."
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