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[fic] of Mosquito Hazard

Title: of Mosquito Hazard
Pairing: Jaemin
Rating: PG-13
Genre: I don't know... fluff? Steamy?
Summary: Jaejoong is too pretty for his own good, and Changmin can be so unreasonable.

A/N: Hah! This one-shot is to answer vhii1217 's challenge of “Mosquito spray” theme xD The first one-shot in my entire life mihihihi...

Of Mosquito Hazard

Changmin hissed for the third time already before he dropped several brands of cup noodles into his shopping cart. His eyes narrowed as he tried to examine the Japanese writings in the rows of snacks and beverages, and he would have enjoyed the leisure time in his favorite store Don Quixote if only a loud, obnoxious sales promotional guy didn’t distract his attention by flirting with a certain group member, two meters from him.

“Guess what, pretty? The usual mosquito spray we often use contains bad substance which is not good for our body. That thing might get into our lungs and cause several health problems!”

He’s so overdressed for someone who sells mosquito spray, Changmin thought. With pearl-colored sleeveless top and sparkling blue robe, the guy was even more eye-catchy than Dong Bang Shin Ki in Kentucky Fried Chicken CF. Maybe it had something to do with the spray brand’s mascot, but whatever, the fact that Jaejoong was reacting a bit too friendly was what annoyed him.

“Whoa, what a sparkling robe!” Jaejoong laughed with his trademark ‘ahaha’ while covering his mouth with a palm. “And you’ve got quite nice muscles there!”

“I’ve worked out just to meet you today! Wanna touch?” The guy flexed his arm. Jaejoong grinned at the obvious lie and touched his biceps.

He acts amazed while he has those too, what a hypocrite.
Changmin squeezed the biscuit box he was holding. He didn’t realize that Yoochun was observing his act.

“Mmm… Changmin-” The older member tried to interrupt.

“Finished, Hyung? Let’s pay and go home.” Changmin pushed the cart.

“Eh, but Jaejoong Hyung still…”

“No, he’ll be finished soon.” He headed to the cashier near the spray promotional stand and let his items counted, hoping that Jaejoong would notice him and got hurried. However the brown-haired only glanced at them and continued chatting with the sparkly robed guy, querying about the mosquito spray; price, scent, etc, etc…

The guy suddenly asked Jaejoong to write his phone number, saying that it was for promotional purpose, without realizing that he was facing a celebrity. Knowing that his Hyung could be a bit naive sometimes, Changmin quickly grabbed Jaejoong by the arm and prompted him to leave.

“Changmin-ah, I haven’t bought a mosquito spray!” Jaejoong protested.

“Hyung, there’s no mosquito in our apartment.”

“My room is different from yours, that exhauster on the ceiling invited mosquito…”

“No, trust me, it'll be  raining tonight, there won’t be any mosquito…” Changmin walked away, tugging Yoochun who could only smile wryly.



In fact, the prediction was totally wrong. It was 2 am, they would be having a photoshoot in the morning yet Jaejoong’s yell and harsh knocks on the door prevented Changmin from sleeping. In the end his roommate Junsu got up and snapped, “Changmin! Deal with him!”

Changmin yawned and opened the door, revealing one pouting Youngwoong Jaejoong.

“See? I should have bought that mosquito spray. The one in my room has run out! And now those noisy insects are buzzing around my ear and bite me, I can’t sleep, look at this!” Jaejoong hatefully displayed an arm in front of Changmin’s nose, showing a red bump less than a quarter centimeter wide.

“Hyung, it’s nothing--”

“Nothing, you say? What if I should show some skin for tomorrow’s photoshoot?”Jaejoong narrowed his eyes. “People will laugh at ugly red bumps all over my body!”

“Just wear long sleeves or something!”

“Hey I can’t sleep that way, it’s hot tonight, and if I don’t have enough sleep tomorrow our makeup artist will have a hard time to—“

“CHANGMIN!! JUST DO WHATEVER HE WANTS FOR GOD SAKE!!” Junsu’s frustrated scream jolted them slightly. His mood wasn't too good for a disturbance.

Changmin sighed and threw his hands to the air, “Okay, okay, I sleep in your room tonight! You sleep with Junsu!” He scowled and stomped his way to Jaejoong’s room.

He stepped in and closed the door without looking back. Hands on the waist, he looked around and up for a certain buzzing insects. Some of them were indeed flying happily around the lamp.

Regretting his earlier tantrum, Changmin kicked his slippers away and dived into Jaejoong’s bed, lying flat on his stomach. His breath paused when he smelled the scent of Jaejoong’s hair from the pillow.

Okay, enough Min, now sleep.

He thought the problem was solved, but in less than ten minutes another knocks on the door startled him.


It was Jaejoong, obviously. Changmin groaned and muttered ‘What again’ before he shuffled lazily towards the door and opened it.

Jaejoong looked less pissed off than before but still pouting.

“I can’t sleep there, your bed is too hard!” He shot another complain.

“Gosh, then what do you want!”

The oldest member stepped into the room and crossed his arms. “You should clap those mosquitoes one by one until there’s no more of them.”

Changmin gawked. “Are you crazy!?”

“Who told me that mosquito spray is not needed this afternoon!?”

“Well me, but…“

“Who broke my electric mosquito racket a month ago!?”

“You can buy it again tomorrow!”

“I need to sleep tonight!”

“Hyung, please!! Don’t be such a—“


They jumped as the door slammed open abruptly.

One grim-faced Park Yoochun was standing by the door, staring at them with the face that said: It’s late at night and if you guys don’t shut up better get those assess out of here for a love motel.

Well, Changmin thought so out of paranoia, but in fact Yoochun kindly handed them a bottle of mosquito repellent lotion. “Here.” He shoved the thing to Jaejoong’s hand and walked away with sleepy face.

“Well…” Changmin shrugged. “Problem solved.”

Jaejoong twirled the bottle. “No. this brand is sticky, I hate it.”

“MY GOODNESS!!” Changmin exploded. “What’s wrong with you, are you sure you’re the oldest!?” Losing patience, he snatched the bottle, seated Jaejoong on the bed, pulled the guy’s right arm and palmed the lotion along his arm angrily. Jaejoong groaned lowly and looked distaste but didn’t protest.

“Left.” Changmin commanded. Jaejoong reached out his left arm and got the same treatment.

The Maknae even knelt in front of Jaejoong and smeared the lotion over both legs, from fingers to knees, though he was scowling while doing so.

Finished with the legs, he got up on his feet and turned around with a scoff, preparing to leave without even bother to look at his Hyung.

But then Jaejoong whined, “Hey, my back too…” he took his T-shirt off.

“W-What for!?” Changmin stuttered.

“I sleep topless, remember?”

The puppy-eyes were indeed deadly. Changmin sighed again, and had no choice but to obey the request.

He sat on the bed, positioned himself behind Jaejoong and began to smear the lotion all over Jaejoong’s back. At first he did it quickly, but when he accidentally dragged the base of his palm up Jaejoong’s spine, he heard a moan.

His hand stopped for a millisecond before it moved again as shivered exhale escaped his mouth. He continued to smear the lotion, but when his hand passed the juncture between neck and shoulder, Jaejoong moaned again, this time louder and higher in pitch.

“Hyung, stop it!” He protested.

“Stop what?”

“Stop making that sound! It’s nasty!”

Jaejoong scratched his head, “But it feels like a massage, it’s been a while since I got a massage…”He turned his head around with more puppy-eyes, “Do me a favor?”

Somehow Changmin felt that doom was near. “I-I need to sleep…”

“Just a little Changmin, your Hyung is suffering from muscle ache, you know?”

“………….O-okay…” he finally gave up.

He rested both hands on Jaejoong’s shoulders and began to work on the muscles there, squeezing them, regulating the strength and pressure while thumbs drew circles on the base of Jaejoong’s nape.

“Mmhh… yeah… there, Changmin-ah…”

Damn I should’ve guessed this. “Hyung, I’ve told you to stop making that sound!”

“Can’t help it… your fingers feel so good…”

We wish you merry Christmas, we wish you merry Christmas and a happy new yeaaaarrrr…. Changmin switched his gaze to Jaejoong's tattoo instead of the contracting muscles when the guy's head fell back. TVfXQ soul… hope to the end…

“Changmin, lower…” Jaejoong pleaded.

The Maknae didn’t even know why the hell he followed the instruction. He massaged down Jaejoong’s shoulder blade while still mentally singing Christmas carol. He didn’t realize a drop of cold sweat trickled down his temple.

“Lower… harder…” Jaejoong pleaded again. His purrs and moans continued.

Again Changmin followed it, albeit his heartbeat started to stray away from healthy rhythm and his crotch started to act rebellious.

Naughty, naughty crotch,
he cursed.

“Okay Min, enough.”

Changmin sighed in relief, only for a short while until Jaejoong turned around to face him and pointed his chest, “Here too.”

“Y-you can smear it by yourself there!” Changmin shrieked.

“Your hand is already full of that lotion, come on, just a little bit!” Jaejoong demanded, quirking his eyebrows.

Fidgeting, Changmin poured more lotion into his hand and reached out to touch Jaejoong’s pecs. His fingertips trembled. He commanded his eyes to stop staring at Jaejoong’s nipples, but seemed like they were just as rebellious as his crotch.

“Mhh… tickles…” Jaejoong sounded like whining; he bit his lower lip and smiled slightly as his eyes closed and eyelids fluttered, when Changmin’s thumb nudged a nipple.

That’s it, enough, crap crap crap crap 
“Oh by the way Hyung, my tummy suddenly ache I should go poop, continue this by yourself, bye bye!!”
With that, Changmin got up and rushed to escape the room, too hurried to close the door properly.

Jaejoong raised his eyebrows and watched how Changmin sprinted to the toilet from the slightly opened door. He was about to get up from the bed to close the door when Yoochun appeared like a psycho character in thriller movie.

“Satisfied?” He asked, and received a light wink as an answer. Biting back a smile, he shook his head and closed the door in his Hyung’s favor.

As soon as the door was closed Jaejoong grabbed some pieces of tissue from the table and nonchalantly wiped his arms, legs and torso from the unpleasant, sticky mosquito lotion. Then he pulled a drawer and took a big bottle of mosquito spray. Lavender scented.

He sprayed it all over the air with a light hum.

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