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[fic] Shimmering Blue (chapter 5)

Title: Shimmering Blue
Pairing: Jaemin (main)
Genre: AU, supernatural/fantasy/non-human, angst, romance
Warning: underage-went-wrong, WTFs, minor torture/violence, possible annoying!min
Rating: PG-NC-17/R
Until some springs ago he still enjoyed being enveloped by the current or leaping from one rock to another without asking things, until a special kind of creature came to distract his joyous lifetime

A/N: hmmm I've thought about it and I think I better inform you that this series is the angstiest that  ive ever written xD so, if u think that scut hamsters was angsty enough, it's better to discontinue reading for your own health, before I start torturing u with cliffie and all...
however if u keep reading despite the angstiness I will come to your dream and dance waka waka with ragged bikini...  but believe me you won't miss anything even if you don't see me dance waka waka... anyway, I didn't tell it from the beginning since I don't know dbsk fanfic reader angst-o-meter, sometimes what I think as angsty was actually pretty normal hahaha... and so was what I think of kinky xD)

chapter 5

Red Lantern, the Chinese restaurant where Jaejoong worked as waiter, had the most hectic time at 6-7 pm where family came for a dinner. Around that time he could no longer hope that the strands of his black hair were still at the proper place, as customers would all bawling over his name and demanding things from toothpicks to the ‘dish that I ordered three minutes ago but hadn’t showed up’, giving him no chance to do anything but running rampant from corner to corner.

Jaejoong often joked to his colleagues, the fellow low-graded employees, that the name Red Lantern sounded more like a brothel than a family restaurant. The joke wasn’t 100% though, since it was uttered in too much hatred to be considered as pure joke, since he hated working there.

It wasn’t that he hated being busy or working in the restaurant (he didn’t hate Chinese food either), but the fact that he was only a waiter slash food delivery boy while he had this blazing confidence that he was a far better cook than the chef himself, and that he should sigh every once in a while seeing slices of handicapped cabbage or tomato that wasn’t chopped prettily, or an imperfect Kung Pao chicken, while whenever he offered himself to cook no one would believe him or gave him a chance only because he was the youngest employee there.

What a reason, wasn’t it?

Anyway, wiping the floor from a toddler’s vomit (some parents have this tendency to shove the food into their children’s mouth beyond their capability, just because they believed that an ‘I’m full’ confession from kids means they have a difficulty to eat) became Jaejoong’s epilogue that day, as clock reached 10 pm and the last order was done.

The manager was just flipped the ‘open’ sign to ‘close’, when Jaejoong’s hang-out buddy Eeteuk patted his shoulder.

“It’s Saturday. Let’s go hit a club.” He said, styling his freaking straight blond hair to one side.

Jaejoong jutted his lower lip, “No thanks. I’m broke.”

“Ouch, come on… you said it’s been a decade since you got laid…”

“Yeah, but I got quickies and blowjobs in between, and I can’t waste—“

“I'll pay, okay?” Eeteuk grinned and pulled him by the arm to the exit door. Jaejoong didn’t notice since when his bag had hung around the guy’s shoulder, and he could only sigh and followed him. Eeteuk was pushy, it was such a pain in the ass to compromise with him, plus he was rich and thought that he could solve anything with money (well, in fact he could). Yeah, he was rich, he worked there because the restaurant’s owner was his Dad’s colleague, and chose a waiter as profession because it didn’t need brain (In which the other waiters reasoned, “It’s because he sucks at that”)

They halted a taxi and headed to one of the clubs where Eeteuk was a regular. The name was strange, Pineapple- something or something pineapple. As expected, the guy mingled between other fabulous customers who happened to be his clique while Jaejoong was neglected in the bar, sitting next to a drunken lady who was spilling her life misery to an angel-faced bartender. He didn’t mind with it, in fact he didn’t care. He never liked club and never despised it either. He wasn’t into dance and grinding his hips to random strangers, but the fact that he could get laid for free and no strings attached kept his mind opened to the custom.

And booze that could momentarily distract him from someone was what he needed the most.

Okay, maybe he happened to grow a liking to clubs more than he admitted, because he only needed to sit nicely on the bar to get boys or girls automatically stirred to him, chatted with him, bought him drinks, and ended up between his legs.

“Hey, handsome. My treat.”

Sometimes, it was faster than imagined.

A glass of clear, smoky liquid was placed in front of him.

Jaejoong squinted to the generous guy who offered the gift. He took a seat next to him a bit too comfortably. The guy had a smooth jawline, small face, milk colored-skin and big, rounded eyes. He looked like a girl, with straight black hair that was a bit longer than shoulder length, and low cut V-neck revealed his flawless chest. He wore a tight, black leather pants shaping a pair of slim legs.


“I’m Heechul.” He tilted his chin up, voice was blazed in seduction.

Whatever, it’s not that important anyway. “Jaejoong. Thanks for this.” Jaejoong took the drink in one big gulp. He wanted to lose sanity as quick as he could.

“Are you alone?”


“Omo, and I thought tonight would be boring.”

It's always the procedure,
Jaejoong thought. Pick up line, whether it’s cheap or clever, was a time-wasting way to say ‘let’s fuck.’

Heechul hummed, propping his head on his elbow. He scanned the taller guy from head to toe before letting out a snicker. “You’re not legal, aren’t you.”

Usually people wouldn’t know (or maybe wouldn’t care) about it. Jaejoong indeed looked mature for a guy at his age, but to whoever noticed the hidden trivia, he gave kudos.

He curled the corner of his lips and reached out a hand to flick the tip of Heechul’s hair, “Guess.”


“I look that young?” Jaejoong faked a flirty laugh.

“No, but it’s the typical age to break the law.” Heechul grinned with his lower lip between his teeth. “Eighteen then.”




The black hair was smooth, sliding between Jaejoong’s fingers as he clutched a handful and tugged it down to display the creamy-colored neck just below his chin. What he got for planting his mouth on it was a short gasp, and well-manicured nails hooked around his nape before desperate moans reverberated through the cheap apartment hall.

“So impatient…” seductive voice was drowned in a naughty laugh and the firm shape of his jaw.

Jaejoong’s alertness wasn’t at its best, his eyes were half closed, but he knew perfectly well that at the moment a slim, lithe torso was cornering him against the stone-grey wall and a curve of smile exhaled the fragrance of smoke from his navy blue jacket. It was followed by a trail of bites up his neck, before a fiery kiss became a trigger to get the show start.

The kiss was noisy, full of the smacking sounds of saliva, alcohol-smelled breath and meat sucking meat, no message was trying to be delivered but lust.

A yelp and twitching crotch snapped Jaejoong’s eyes wide, made him realize that they were next to his door. He hastily fumbled for key, thorn between swirling the doorknob and unzipping the pants, until the guy he just met, Heechul, offered a help with the task.

The door slammed open with a harsh creaking sound when Jaejoong’s back was pushed against it. Their lewd laughter overlapped as the stranger got the control, fingers scratching Jaejoong’s back and giving him a hard time to handle wet mouth and eager hands that started to get rid of outfits.

“God, this is why I love guys at your age. Hard to be not too horny when you’re eighteen, huh?” Heechul commented when Jaejoong enthusiastically kissed him back, erection sprang from his opened fly, poking the guy’s belly. Jaejoong’s jacket was tossed on the kitchen table behind him, leaving a slightly built, flawless body wrapped in tight white tank top.

“Very true.” He mumbled, eyelids were heavy and mind was nowhere, certainly not in Heechul; maybe in his cock, for he was about to get it mouthed, a perfect way to end the tiring day.

If only a hand didn’t pull the giving head away when the best he got for the said cock was barely a tongue.

“Okay, bitch. That’s it. Get out.” The voice was in high-octave and not too harsh to be considered a snap, contrast to the strength of fist that clutched the stranger’s hair.

“Ouch!” Heechul glared an annoyed look to the third guy in the room, “What’s your problem, man!?”

“You’re not sucking him. Get out.”

Jaejoong wasn’t very sober to react instantly towards the cruel killjoy –how the guy who was ready to provide service had been dragged forcefully by the arm and kicked out and had the door closed on the face - instead he blinked, bewildered, before his brain could relate the condition of his neglected cock and an upset-looking Changmin.

And Jaejoong wasn’t very sober for a self control.

“Fuck! I’m hard, bastard!! What the hell do you want!? If you hate the free show then get the fuck out!” Struggling to straighten up from the kitchen table, he lashed his jacket at Changmin who was walking away as if nothing had happened, back to the couch he sat on earlier.

The jacket didn’t reach the tanned guy. Changmin’s face was grim, almost expressionless. “And come back to have this room reek of some random whore’s sperm? No thanks.” He said coldly, continuing his previously interrupted task that involved screws, screwdrivers and electronics.

“I’m no frigid like you, you freak!! And you have no right to call my boyfriend a whore!”

Changmin placed his gaze to the spiral trail of a screw, twiddling it between his fingers instead of looking the sex-deprived guy back.“Boyfriend? I bet you haven’t even known his name.”

“He’s Keita!!”

“He’s not Keita, and you’ve broke up with Keita. You’re so wasted, go get your face washed or something.”

The half-hearted reaction only worsened Jaejoong’s temper. There were some types of Kim Jaejoong when he drunk and most of them was a tantrum thrower, “Whoever my boyfriend is not your business! Not your business! Shut up and just keep screwing that… whatever, camera or PC or whatever instead of real person!”He screamed his lungs out, hands on the head like a hopeless salaryman.

Changmin paused for moment before he decided to cut the argument, “…or go to sleep, we’ll talk after you sober.”

“Talk!? You can talk!? What a new vocabulary…” Jaejoong snickered.

This time he didn’t get a respond. Losing patience, Jaejoong approached the silent guy on the couch and kick a bar of electronic component away from his lap.

Changmin gasped. “Jaejoong!!”

“That work of yours really irritates me!!”

“Jae, you know these things aren’t mine! You’re ruining my-”

Jaejoong only throw more things away from around Changmin. “Fuck you!!” You’re the one who ruins it! You’re ruining me, idiot!”

That wasn’t the first time the tanned guy heard that, he  knew Jaejoong didn't mean it, nonetheless it always managed to strike him in the bone.

Then the drunken guy approached him and climbed onto the couch, trapping Changmin’s thighs between the his knees. He gritted his teeth and muttered ‘Let’s see’ while reaching his back pocket to pull out a plastic lighter.

Changmin’s eyes widened before he shakily pressed himself deeper against the couch. “J-Jae... what are you…” he darted his gaze from Jaejoong’s unreadable face to the snapping sound that produced the swaying orange fire in his hand.

“No… stop it!! Stop it!! Don’t do it!! STOP IT!!” Changmin kicked his legs in panic and pushed Jaejoong on the chest, however strength left his body too soon; he was as powerless as a log when Jaejoong roughly grabbed his shoulder, brought him to the floor and straddled him.

Normally their strength weren’t that much differed, but Jaejoong was quick and boozed up by alcohol while the other guy was cowering in his phobia. Without much struggle the former was able to maneuver his position to secure Changmin --his side pinned one of Changmin’s arms to the floor, a hand caught the other one by its wrist, and legs wrapped around Changmin’s, letting the drunken guy to have one free hand. He snapped the lighter for the second time.

“Stop it!! Stop it!!” Changmin shut his eyes tight, shaking his head fervently. His body switched from tense to wiggle weakly, and soon his hysteric screams turned into begs as the tip of fire threatened to touch his jaw. His breath was short, racing with sobs.

Then he screamed again when Jaejoong really burned his earlobe.

Only swiftly, but enough to leave a spot of red skin.

“See? There’s still… that whiny kid inside you...” Jaejoong stated, still panting, voice low and hanging but not poisonous. Tell me… tell me he’s still there…

“Jaejoong… please… don’t do this to me…” Tears drenched Changmin’s face. “I-I just… just don’t want you to dwell in one-night stands…”

Moments passed with only Changmin’s silent cry and Jaejoong’s fast and shallow breathings, until the latter pressed a palm against his mouth, looking shocked. He got on his feet and ran to the bathroom with a word ‘Fuck’.

Still with clothes on, he let the cold shower beat his head, inviting back his full sanity.

Oh God… I did it again…

He noticed the tip of his erected cock was protruding from the band of his brief.

Cursing self, he took everything off, grabbed the shampoo and soap and lathered himself from head to toe, all hasty and haphazardly. He stroked himself hard and painful, making it as quick as he could before shooting his load to the glass wall and water poodle.

He wasn’t sure what made him that hard, whether it was the unknown guy he almost used, or because he finally had Changmin writhing between his legs. He felt so sick and doomed if it was the second one.

It took quite a long time until he stepped out of the shower room and got dried. Water dripped from his hair, trickling down the curve of his tensed muscles.

Changmin was no longer in the couch.

Jaejoong headed to their bedroom and found the guy there, hiding under the comforter. He knew the fear wouldn’t go away so easily unless he did something, it was such a bad phobia. So he quickly got dressed with sweats and tank top and approached the guy.

“Changmin…” He sat on the bed’s edge and tugged the comforter away. Changmin was sitting with back pressed against the headboard, flexing his limbs closer to his body like a baby in the womb. What Jaejoong saw first, however, was an abnormally red earlobe with a little blister.

“Oh God…” Jaejoong pulled Changmin’s arms so he could hug him. The guy was still shaking badly as he hugged him tight, “I’m sorry…”. He repeated the word ‘sorry’ over and over and blew the blistered earlobe. “I was terrible…”

Changmin hugged him back, and whispered shakily, “I’m sorry too, Jae… I was-”

“No, you’re not…. “ Jaejoong rocked the guy back and forth, still blowing the blistered skin and occasionally kissed it better.

The tanned guy flinched whenever Jaejoong’s breath came near, “It tickles…” He forced himself to joke. “Your hair is wet…”

“So is your face…”Jaejoong kissed his cheek. Once. Twice. He ran his hands over Changmin’s back and waist, didn’t realize that the hands were behaving a bit hungry until the trembling guy pushed him away gently.

“I won’t, I won’t…” Jaejoong’s statement wasn’t too trustworthy since he kept targeting Changmin’s lips.


“Please…? Just a little…? I miss it so much…”He finally begged.

Changmin had no power to reject it, and he didn’t want to.

It supposed to be a quick peck, which was obviously not enough. Soon the longer one followed and albeit between tight-closed mouths, all eyes dazed in ecstasy by the mere sensation of their lips surface met, that was how deprived they were.

Jaejoong brushed his thumb over Changmin’s cheek and slid the rest four fingers over the hairline behind the guy’s ear, fixing his jaw to deepen the kiss. Changmin tried to seal himself but he couldn’t, the way Jaejoong’s tongue lapped to separate his lips was so tempting, and he missed it just as much as him, if not then more. Soon the passion became mutual, Changmin found his self surrendered to the kiss, even respond eagerly, his cavity gaped wide to let a tongue assaulted him. He fisted the bed sheet, for if he didn’t he would have used his hands to rove Jaejoong’s skin under his tank top, and it would lead them to something more.

What happened would have been like that though, for Jaejoong began to lose control and forcing himself with desperate moans, if only a cell phone’s buzz didn’t stop them.

“It’s yours…” Jaejoong said, brushing the back of his hand over his swollen lips. His eyes were glassy from lust.

<<Tomorrow, 4pm. Oh sweet heart, I miss you.>>

Changmin tried to keep his expression unchanged, and regardless of that, Jaejoong knew they wouldn’t continue though he didn’t know why . He didn’t know that the message had got something to do with it.

“Be right back…” Jaejoong got up and walked towards the door.


“Just go to get coke, won’t be far I promise.” He showed his cells and smiled in assurance, “You can call me.”

Changmin nodded with face still flushed from the rush of desire. As soon as he braced himself, he hurried to the sink, vigorously brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth from any trace that was Jaejoong's. Guilt filled him but he didn’t have any choice. He knew, Jaejoong didn’t go for coke. The guy just didn’t want to witness this after they kissed. He remembered his sad eyes, his sad smile; the question that was uttered, like a bitter joke, “I taste that disgusting?”

He knew that Jaejoong was somewhere out there, asking the same thing with those same eyes. It squeezed his chest painfully.

He looked down to check his right sole. The black spirals were fading.

Groaning, he slammed his cell phone to the floor and let himself curl under the sink.

[to be continued]

A/N: ………….. anyone confuse? xD
OH!! To avoid misunderstanding, no, Changmin didn't read the message outloud. Looolll im such a failed story teller xD
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